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Social Media for Political Mobilization in India: A Study


Meti V, Khandoba PK and Guru MC

The media plays a vital role in a democracy; informing the public about political issues and acting as a watchdog against abuses of power. During election campaigns the media provides information and analysis about the political parties’ programmes, policies, candidates and performance. Electronic communication seems to make politicians seem more remote; there is still no connection between politics where power is brokered, and the network society itself. In a similar way, social media has also transformed politics in India and globally. Its effect has impacted the way candidate campaign for their election. Social media allows politicians and political parties a method to connect directly with people across the country at a reduced cost and greater reach than traditional media. Social media is not simply the next in a line of communications technologies: it has also changed everyday activities and connected people in a manner never before possible. The paper aims to examine the extent use of social media by the political parties to promote their image and political messages, among their supporters and peoples in social media. The paper intends to examine how people consume the political issues or political discussion on social media. It was studied on the basis of the responses received from a sample of 100 respondents in Hyderabad Karnataka region. Results reveal interesting information on the types of social media used the ratings of the most used social media and their impact on society.


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