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Role of T.V Media Contents in Reshaping Perception of Educated Youth a Case Study of Gujarat Regarding T.V News and Current Affair


Arshad Ali, Aneela Karamat and Syed Ali Hassan

Today media is more corresponding, tricky and dependent on the dominant elites. This has become increasing concern considering the extreme media effects can have over the perceptions of its viewers. The electronic media (TV) of Pakistan and its one way information effects on educated youth of Gujarat. In current scenario TV media have been unsuccessful to provide the public interest. Therefore, survey sample size 100 took from Gujarat educated youth findings of paper represents that mostly educated youth rely on TV media information and discuses it with peer and family group. It also clearly the educated youth of Gujarat still has doubts over the sources and reliability of information being provided to them. However, electronic media outlets provide the information that set the agenda of educated youth.


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