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Reliance of the Saudi Youth on Social Media as a Source of Information about Al-Hazem Storm


Amer Aldahmashi F

This study examines the Saudi reliance on social media as a source of information about the military operation known as Al-Hazem Storm. In addition, the study seeks to understand the factors that affect the reliance of young people on such media and their satisfaction when dealing with these networks during Al-Hazem Storm. The researcher used the analytical descriptive method and a questionnaire as instruments to cover the applied part of the study, which was constructed for the purposes of the study according to the well-known scientific steps as it was applied on a sample that consisted of (151 terms) used by young Saudis during the second academic semester (2016-2017). The study concluded that social media ranks on the top resources on which young Saudis rely when following Al-Hazem Storm and in terms of their satisfaction with the role of social media, the use of such sources having become a vital aspect of the life of the Saudi community.


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