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Relativistic Gravitational Field and the Universe's Figure of a Hyperboloid of Revolution at the Fifth Dimension


Adalberto da Costa Dias*

Says the mass and energy conservation law: mass and energy cannot be created nor destroyed they only can be transformed one into another. The way this transformation is made, according to Einstein’s Equation determines the state expansive or contractive of the universe.

Thus, a wave nature process, expansive and hot occurs when mass is transformed into light energy, like the one that originated the universe in the Big Bang. Such a process, that propagated in decelerated manner (antigravity), created the space and the time, until that the energy emanated stopped in the position of the stars.

Then, a contractive, implosive and cold nature process occurs, when dark energy is transformed into mass, in the periphery of the stars, like the one that bring the universe back to The Big Bang, with the help of the extreme gravity acceleration of black holes.

The deformation of the space-time-mass caused by relativistic gravitational field corresponds to a hyperboloid of revolution at fifth dimension, lending this shape to the universe. This is the same type of space-time deformation founded by the general relativity theory.

Stars are grouped together forming galaxies by attraction of black holes, which, in turn, the galaxies are grouped together forming the universe by attraction of The Big Hole – the black hole located in the gravitational center of the universe itself.

The Big Hole, at the end of its evolution, reduces to the Hawking point of singularity, storing the whole universal mass in the form of photons, without occuping free spaces and explodes in The Big Bang, cyclically, over and over and over again.


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