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ISSN: 2572-0791

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Profile and Severity Correlation of Ataxia Patients in a Tertiary Care Institute in Eastern India


Subhas Bhuin

Introduction: Clinical  profile and severity correlation  of ataxia patients in our population is still  varied . This study is taken up to explore this aspect. Methods - A cross-sectional study  was conducted at XXX. Clinical parameters with  severity correlation( SARA scale )  in selected patients  was determined.


Results: In 188 patients  , 127  had cerebellar ataxia(SCA 2, 3, 1 ,6 ,12  , MSA C , Wilsons disease) , 42  had sensory ataxia  mainly  Sensory ataxic  GBS, CIDP  variant(CISP) , Sjogrens  and 19 had  Mixed cerebellar sensory ataxia (Multiple sclerosis , Vitamin E deficiency  ). Cerebellar ataxias had  higher  disability at presentation (  mean SARA score- 21.87)  than mixed ataxias ( SARA – 19.68). Increase in SARA score was seen more in mixed ataxias  (3.64)  than  cerebellar  ( 3.01) . Disability progression   is more in MSA C and SCA 2 has lesser degree of progression  ( despite  highest SARA score- 28.5  at presentation).


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