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Portrayal of Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 in Leading Ur du Media of Pakistan (A Content Analysis of News Coverage of Nawai waqt and Express)


Hussain S, Naz AA and Shabir G

This research aims to measure the Portrayal of the leading Pakistani Print Media pertaining to the image of Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) in view of the public opinion. This research paper also analyzes the image of aforesaid emergency service and may further show concern of elite Pakistani Urdu Media including Daily “Nawaiwaqt” and Daily “Express” regarding Rescue 1122, Punjab. The researchers have adopted Content Analysis as a quantitative research methodology. The data was collected through coding sheet from 2011–12. The data was analysed through Special Package for Social Science to ensure possible objectivity in the findings of the research and to minimize any type of ambiguity. The results have endorsed that the Pakistani Urdu Media has positively portrayed Rescue 1122. The findings of this research project have further endorsed that the chosen Urdu newspapers have given positive and neutral press coverage regarding Punjab Emergency Service as compared to negative news coverage. In short, the news coverage of both Urdu newspapers “Nawaiwaqt” and “Express” have shown Pakistani leading Urdu Media has positive tendency towards image and the role of emergency services delivery of the said Emergency Service in Punjab-Pakistan. Similarly, the findings of the study also strengthened the thesis that assumed as Daily Express gives more positive coverage as compared to Nawaiwaqt. Both of the newspapers also gave more positive and neutral coverage to the news related to emergency service–Rescue 1122 –published on all pages said newspapers.


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