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Portrayal of Pakistan in the New York Times and the Washington Post: A Study of Editorials during 2008 to 2010


Ghulam Shabir, Tanveer Hussain and Yasir Waseem Iqbal

This research explores the image of Pakistan in The New York Times and The Washington Post editorials during Feb 2008 to Jan 2010. It found that the overall image of Pakistan remained positive in both newspapers. It based on hypothesis that “the overall ratios of unfavorable coverage about Pakistan would be greater than favorable coverage in The New York Times and The Washington Post” and tested through content analysis and two communication theories (mediaconformity and media framing) are applied. 89 editorials published about Pakistan during proposed period of research in both newspapers in which; 35.47% coverage remained positive, 32.50% negative and 31.94% remained neutral. Moreover: portrayed about Zardari administration, politics of Pakistan, aid for Pakistan, American strategies towards Pakistan, Pak-US relations and Pakistan role in war on terrorism remained positive. The portrayal of Pakistan, Al-Qaida & Taliban problems of Pakistan and religion remained negative while the portrayal of ISI, indo- Pak relations& Kashmir and Afghanistan insurgency and Pak remained neutral.The findings of the research support media conformity theory as; American media follows the American government foreign policies and portrayed positive frame of Pakistan.


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