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Political Communication in the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria: The Oyo State Experience- ?¢????The Wild, Wild West?¢???


Abdur-Rahman Olalekan Olayiwola

Political Communication is a sub-field of Political Science and Communication that deals with the production, dissemination, procession and effects of information, both through the mass media of communication, the Newspaper Press, Radio, Television, Social Media, Ora-media and interpersonally within a political context. This study examines political communication in the 2015 General Elections with special/particular reference to Oyo State of Nigeria- “the wild, wild west”. The study analyses the political communication strategies of fourteen (14) political parties in thirty-three Local Government areas of Oyo State, the speeches of eight (8) gubernatorial/governorship candidates/ politicians (political speechifying), those who tried to influence the political process and the outcome of the 2015 election in the state. The paper examines the formal and informal conversations among members of the Oyo State public and did a content analysis of some of the Newspapers, Radio and Television Stations both government - owned and private ones that were used to cover the Presidential, Gubernatorial, National Assembly, and State Assembly Elections in the State. Policy recommendations are made for future political communication in Oyo State in particular, and Nigeria in general.


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