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Periodontal Management in a Periapical Osseous Dysplasia Context: A Case Report


Diarra Abdoulaziz, Diallo Ahmad Moustapha, Guirassy Mouhamadou Lamine, Kane Aboubacar Sidiki Tisse, Fall Medina, Bationo Raoul, Konsem Tarcissus, and Mohamed Elfarouki

Introduction: Osseous dysplasias are benign fibro-osseous lesions in the group of non-odontogenic tumors of the maxillae. Periodontitis is an
inflammatory pathology of multifactorial origin, which destroys the attachment system of the tooth. By its main etiological factor (dental plaque) and
its evolution, periodontal disease constitutes comorbidity in osseous dysplasia and exposing the patient to an infectious risk. The objective of this
work was to present, through an illustrated clinical case, a periodontal therapeutic approach in a patient with periapical bone dysplasia.
Case Report: A 57-year-old woman, referred by her dentist for periodontal treatment, presented to our service with the chief complaint “loose teeth
and presence of inter-dental spaces”. The clinical examination and the paraclinical assessment made it possible to make the diagnosis of severe
generalized chronic periodontitis associated with periapical osseous dysplasia. Periodontal treatment has been instituted. Surveillance has been
established for the dysplastic lesion.
Conclusion: This case report illustrates the management of severe chronic periodontitis in a patient with OD. We focused on the non-surgical
therapeutic approach in the mandibular anterior area with OD, completed by open flap debridments on posterior sites, resulting in a significant
reduction in the percentage of sites with attachment loss greater than or equal to 5mm and stabilization of periodontal disease.


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