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Perception, Knowledge, and Practice of Ô??Reflective Learning and WritingÔ?? Among Interns in Academy of Medical Sciences, Pariyaram


AK Jayasree and Binoo Divakaran

Background: Since we are moving towards competency based medical education, reflective practices are becoming relevant. Before introducing these new education systems, it is better to assess the perception, knowledge and practice of reflective learning among graduates. Hence the study was planned with following
Objectives: 1. To understand the perception about reflective learning and writing among interns. 2. To assess the knowledge about reflective learning and writing among interns. 3. To evaluate the practice of reflective learning and writing among interns.
Material and methods: A cross sectional study was designed. Study population included all the interns (72) worked in Academy of Medical Sciences during study period. A semi-structured interview format was used to collect data. Likert scale was used to score the answers under the three domains. Content analysis was also done for the narratives given by participants for open ended questions.
Results: Majority of interns (95% and 98% respectively) have satisfactory perception score and knowledge score on reflective learning. But majority of interns (94%) do not have satisfactory practice of reflective writing. This is because they are not instructed to do it. Majority are willing to do it if they are guided. They think that it can be introduced into undergraduate curriculum and log book writing during internship.
Conclusion: There will be acceptance to reflective learning and writing if it is introduced into curriculum.


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