Journal of Health Education Research & Development

ISSN: 2380-5439

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Patient Education: A Tool towards Patient Satisfaction


Harshada Arun Patil* and Shrikrishna Dhale

Patient education is a tool which is used by healthcare professional and impart information to patients and their care givers that will after health behaviours or improve their health status and patient satisfaction. There is increase in illnesses and hospitalization so, it is difficult for healthcare professionals to handle all the patients as well as their relatives. Patient education mediums such as Pamphlets, Brochures, Pictorial guide, Digital dynamic powerpoint presentations through TV educate patient and their relatives about overall process of department as well as their treatments. Patient education is one of the tools to improve patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is one of the important aspects from hospital point of view as well as patient satisfaction in an extent of to which patients are happy with their healthcare. This article shows the relationship between Patient education and Patient satisfaction as well as how Patient education leads to patient satisfaction. This is done by studying and circulating questionnaire among different hospitals.


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