Archives of Surgical Oncology

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MicroRNAs A New Era of Cancer Therapeutics


Kaiser Jami

In just over 20 years since the invention of the primary microRNA (miRNA), the sphere of miRNA biology has swollen significantly. Insights into the roles of miRNAs in development and sickness, significantly in cancer, have created miRNAs enticing tools and targets for novel therapeutic approaches. Useful studies have confirmed that miRNA dis regulation is causative in several cases of cancer, with miRNAs acting as neoplasm suppressors or oncogenes (oncomiRs), and miRNA mimics and molecules targeted at miRNAs (antimiRs) have shown promise in pre symptomatic development. many miRNA-targeted medicine have reached clinical development, together with a mimic of the neoplasm suppressor miRNA miR-34, that reached phase I clinical trials for treating cancer, and anti miRs targeted at miR-122, that reached clinical trial trials for treating liver disease. During this article, we tend to describe recent advances in our understanding of miRNAs in cancer and in alternative diseases and supply an outline of current miRNA medicine within the clinic. we tend to conjointly discuss the challenge of distinctive the foremost efficacious therapeutic candidates and supply a perspective on achieving safe and targeted delivery of miRNA medicine.


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