Physical Mathematics

ISSN: 2090-0902

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Mathematical Theory of Space-Time


Andreas Bacher

We hypothesize that the Universe contains observable subluminal matter (tardyons and locatily) and unobservable superluminal matter (tachyons and nonlocality). By using space-time ring we establish mathematical theory of space-time with subluminal and superluminal coexistence. The rotating motions of tardyons and tachyons produce centrifugal and centripetal (gravity) forces, respectively. This paper deduces a new gravitational formula and Newtonian gravitational formula from the tardyonic and tachyonic coexistence principle. Through the morphism we first show that tardyons and tachyons are interchangeable, but that tachyons are unobservable . We then convert the tachyonic mass into tardyonic mass We obtain gravitational coefficient η = 6.9 ×10-10.Using it we establish the expansion theory of the universe and suggest the new universe model


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