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Interpreting Universe’s Secrets


Adalberto Da-Costa Dias

Dias, Adalberto da Costa, presented a type of somnambulism, which only manifested during his adolescence, causing him to be stuck facing the wall while he slept, because there, for all purposes, there was a door. Adalberto, throughout his life, has always been concerned with interpreting the explanation for this unusual situation. Now, nearing 75-years-old, Adalberto finally interpreted that trance state, which afflicted him in youth. There interpretation is as follows: The wall did represent an insurmountable obstacle originated in poverty and in lack of opportunity to have a good and satisfactory scientific education, especially in physics and mathematics. Despite this tremendous obstacle in his life, Adalberto is aware that he must do what must be done so that his work reaches the highest scientific level. Thinking in this way, Adalberto uses in this paper his acquired cosmo-reach in what he is stronger, which is his power to interpret universe’s secrets. Adalberto acts like a hummingbird, which carry in his beak a drop of water to spread in the forest that is on fire. He’s just doing his part.


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