Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism

ISSN: 2165-7912

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Indian Television Commercials in Transition: A Study of New Emerging Practices


Sandeep Kumar Gupta* , and V. Santhi Siri

Mostly television channel’s commercials were flooded with the trend of product-centric advertisements. We have observed that the commercials in general, laud the product specifications and its features, which repeat the same product features again and again. Interestingly, in the last decade commercials have been shifted moreover from product-centric ads to more creative ads that talk about an idea, which is close to the brand values. Some popular television commercials talk about certain ideas and take up deeper consumer insights instead of harping on the product solely. Television Commercials (in short i.e. TVCs) are going beyond the product features’ details by setting with a new advertising communication strategy. TVCs are being used for the social approach along with their commercial motives. Therefore in this study, we have traced these changes of television commercials and analyzed also the television commercials’ aesthetics values, the presentations style, and the social content behind it, which made this type of commercials worth watching.


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