Entrepreneurship & Organization Management

ISSN: 2169-026X

Open Access

Impact of Prior Work Experience on Entrepreneurial Intention and Theory of Planned Behaviour in the Context of Pakistan


Li Wen Yuan, Sikander Ali Qalati, Shuja Iqbal, Rana Yasir Hussain and Shaibu Ali

The present study aims to investigate the impact of prior work experience influence the entrepreneurial intension in the context of Pakistan. Where 58% population lies in the age of 20-30 years, 45-45% people hold Bachelor and Master degree. 58% people have experience in private firms. Theory of planned behaviour and Kolb’s experiential learning theory examined in the study. The sample of 438 represents the population of Pakistan. Study used the PLS-SEM 3.2.7, and the techniques used involves PLS algorithm, bootstrapping, scales used witnessed by using Fornell-Larcker validity and most sensitive techniques HTMT Ratio. The study constructed the four hypothesis in light of resents literature along with the theoretical support. Moreover, study founded the positive relationship between prior work experiences, with entrepreneurial intension. In addition, components of the theory of planned behaviour also played a significant role.


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