Physical Mathematics

ISSN: 2090-0902

Open Access

Identification of Trends and Wave Regularities according to Statistical Data of Fluctuations of Mass of Glaciers


Mazurkin PM

The method of identification is shown on the example of tabular data of measurements of six parameters of subgroup of EEE on fluctuations in 2013 at balance of mass of 2528 glaciers of Earth. The equations of a trend and oscillatory indignations on the basis of steady laws on the generalized wave function in the form of an asymmetric wavelet signal with variables of amplitude and the period of fluctuation are received. Schedules of components of the generalized model of a wavelet signal allow to see visually a picture of mutual influence of all six parameters of subgroup of EEE at fluctuations of mass of glaciers. On the revealed equations it is possible to carry out the amplitude-frequency analysis.


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