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How Kuwait Media Preserves National Heritage


Musaed Fahad Alwardan

In a world where people can be connected 24/7, is “heritage” still relevant? Given that Kuwait has changed so drastically in the last fifty years, does it matter that many aspects of tradition, language, and architecture have disappeared? This paper examines a variety of research articles related to heritage in Kuwait and the media’s involvement in preservation of national heritage. The literature review also discusses the “natural selection” of heritage: although certain aspects of history have been “lost,” this “loss” was not due to “lack of preservation,” but due to a more natural process of learning what benefits the economy and what detracts from the economy. The paper also looks at media patterns in Kuwait and the significant role of social media in the nation. If one begins to embrace a broader definition of heritage—that of a “journey” related to identity—rather than something related to aspects of antiquity that may or may not be supportive of a nation’s development, the process of preservation takes on an entirely different form. In order to preserve heritage in a way that benefits Kuwaiti society, it is important that media creators identify what, exactly, needs to be saved and what role media should play in heritage preservation.


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