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G-d's Physics New 21st Century Paradigm: From "Law" to "Mercy"


Jehonathan Bentovish*

Twenty-first Century Physics is undergoing a Major "Paradigmatic-Shift" from the Old "Material-Causal" Paradigm to the New "A-Causal Computation" (ACC) Paradigm associated with the "Computational Unified Field Theory" (CUFT), also called: "G-d's Physics". Based on the CUFT's discovery of a new singular higherordered "Universal Computational/Consciousness Principle" (UCP) which simultaneously computes every exhaustive spatial pixel in the universe for each consecutive "Universal Frame" (UF) at the incredibly rapid rate of "c2/h" = 1.36-50 (sec')! this New 'A-Causal Computation' Paradigm of 21st Century Theoretical Physics dramatically revises some of the basic assumptions underlying the Old "Material-Causal" Paradigm: It challenged and revised the "Big-Bang" Model, Einstein's Equations, and discarded "dark-matter" and "dark-energy" as being "superfluous" (i.e., non-existent!) due to the UCP's simultaneous computation of all exhaustive spatial pixels for each consecutive UF's frame/s! Based on another "Computational Invariance Principle" postulate of this New 21st Century 'G-d's Physics' Paradigm asserting that only the UCP may be regarded as "computationally-invariant", whereas the four basic physical features of "space", "energy", "mass" and "time" can only be considered as "transient", "phenomenal" ("computationally-variant") manifestations of this singular higher-ordered UCP; it is derived that the entire physical universe is governed solely based on the characteristics of this singular higher-ordered "Universal Consciousness Reality" (UCP)-one of which is "Goodwill", e.g., the propensity to sustain all Life, to bestow "Goodness" and evolve the entire universe towards an ultimate Perfected State (Physically, Morally and Spiritually), called "Geula" in Jewish Tradition.


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