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"G-d's Physics" New 21st Century Paradigm: A Complete Integration of "Space" & "Energy", "Mass" & "Time"!


Jehonathan Bentovish

Twenty-first Century Theoretical Physicsis undergoing a "Paradigmatic-Shift" (akin to Einstein's Relativity Theory (RT) "Paradigmatic Shift" over 100 years ago) from the Old "Material-Causal" Paradigm underlying both RT and Quantum Mechanics (QM) to the New "Computational Unified Field Theory" (CUFT), recently called" "G-d's Physics" New Paradigm! This New "G-d's Physics" Paradigmatic-Shift was called for due to the apparent "theoretical inconsistency" between the two "pillars" of the Old "Material-Causal" Paradigm, i.e., RT & QM, as well as the inability of the Old Paradigm to account for up to 95% of all the mass and energy concepts that could not be verified empirically; The New "G-d's Physics" Paradigm is based on the discovery of a singular, higher-ordered "Universal Computational Principle" (UCP) which simultaneously computes all exhaustive spatial pixels in the universe for each consecutive "Universal Frame/s" (UF) at the unfathomable rate of "c2/h"=1.36-50 (sec'), with the entire universe "dissolving" into the UCP's singularity "in-between" any two consecutive UF's frames! This New "G-d's Physics" A-Causal Computation Paradigm was shown to challenge, negate and revise some of the most fundamental assumptions of the Old "MaterialCausal" Paradigm such as: the "Big-Bang" Model, Einstein's Equations, discarding of "dark-matter" and "dark-energy" as "superfluous" (non-existent!) and QM's "material-causal" assumption regarding the "collapse" of the probability wave function due to its assumed direct physical interaction with another subatomic "probe" element. A few key new "Theoretical Postulates" of the New "G-d's Physics" Paradigm include: the "Universal Computational Formula" shown capable of unifying the Four basic Forces, as well as the four basic physical features of "space", "energy", "mass" and "time", and integrate all key relativistic and quantum laws and relationships. Nevertheless, "G-d's Physics" New "A-Causal Computation" Paradigm points at the complete dependency of the UCP's simultaneous computation of all exhaustive spatial pixels in the universe upon the UCP's "Ten Laws of Hierarchical Manifestation" which include: its Three "Computational Dimensions", "Supra Spatial-Temporal Reservoir", "Dynamic-Equilibrium Moral Principle", "Expansion of Consciousness (Hypothesis)", Collective Human Consciousness Focus (Hypothesis)", "Reversed-Time Goal Hypothesis", "Good-Will" & "Free-Will" characterizations of the UCP; Therefore, the New "G-d's Physics" Paradigm of 21st Century Physics portrays an entirely "New Universe" – which completely depends on the UCP's continuous computation- "dissolution" sustenance- and evolutionof all exhaustive spatial pixels comprising the universe towards the "Ultimate Goal" o a "Perfected: Physically, Morally and Spiritually" State of the World (and Humanity) which realizesthe Singularity, "Unity" and "Goodness" of this "Universal Consciousness Reality", called: "Geula" in Jewish Tradition!


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