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Four episodes of classic scabies associated with Ocrelizumab Therapy


Jose Vicente Hervas Garcia, Anna Gil-Sanchez, Gonzalez-Mingot C, Yhovany Gallego, Lara Nogueras, Silvia Peralta, Maria Jose Solana, Xavier Soria, Juan Manuel Pericas and Luis Brieva

Introduction: Scabies is a skin infection caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei (variety hominis) mite. The classic variant produces pruritic lesions with intense, persistent itching. Immunosuppressed patients develop a more aggressive form of the infection known as crusted (Norwegian) scabies.

Clinical Cases: We present four episodes of ocrelizumab-treated multiple sclerosis patients with B-cell lymphopenia who developed the classic variant of scabies.

Conclusion: To our knowledge, no cases have been published in the literature, which relate ocrelizumab with the development of scabies. The maintenance of cellular immune response protects of development of crusted scabies.


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