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Financing Public Broadcasting: Ways of Funds Formation Ukrainian Case


Yasinevich Stanislav

This article discusses the financing of public broadcasting. This issue is considered from the standpoint of independence of public broadcasting as an informational, educational, communicative source that serves civil society. In considering the sources of financing, we were guided by the experience and examples of the European Union countries, research in this field, identified the advantages and disadvantages of the sources of funds formation. On the example of Ukraine considers the formation of public broadcasting and problems of formation of sources of financing. Given the national peculiarities of the formation of public broadcasting and contextual factors, the own vision of the structure of funding sources was proposed. It is suggested to use the complex approach to the formation of the structure of financing of public broadcasting. An example of many Western countries, where the basis of financing of broadcasting creates one source, cannot be used in Ukraine. Therefore, several sources of funding have been proposed to create conditions for the independent functioning of public broadcasting in Ukraine.

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