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Factor to Influence the Work Satisfaction of the Workers of Private Sector Banks in Theni District


Selvaraj N*

The banking sector is undergoing rapid change so as to face the challenges posed by new developments triggered by the entry of personal banks and foreign banks into India. The liberalization process, initiated by the government of India nearly one and a half decades ago, has caused tremendous changes within the financial services sector. Within the planet of banking, customer needs have changed then has the essential nature of banking services. The way banks meet these needs and therefore the framework within which they're delivered have as a result changed. Banks need to face a number of latest phenomena starting from regulatory issues, risk management and new technology to globalization, consolidation and branding banks in India. Within the new era of worldwide competition, they need to consider three important areas for sustained development viz., technology, customer and consolidation [1]. Job satisfaction refers to an individual’s positive emotional reactions to a specific job. It’s an efficient reaction to employment that results from the persons comparison of actual outcomes with people who are desired, anticipated, or deserved [2].


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