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Exploring the Potentialities of Particpatory Communication by the Print Media in Agricultural News Reportage in Ghana


Norris Bekoe D

In spite of the many interventions rolled out since independence, Ghana’s agricultural sector has not been performing well regardless of the fact that the country’s economy is hinged predominantly on the sector. The role of communication recently has focused on the transmission of messages by agricultural technicians to farmers, and the creation of a common platform intended to bring together both groups in order to share information among themselves for the purpose of ensuring a win-win situation where both groups learn from each other. This step is an acknowledgement that rural people are at the heart of development; therefore, seeking their views and involving them from scratch in project developments is the most appropriate thing to do. This study was therefore, a qualitative investigation that employed a focus group discussion between farmers and selected journalists in Ghana to find out if participatory communication has any potential for the agricultural sector. The findings of the study revealed that journalists in Ghana are hampered by many organizational problems. These difficulties have affected media reportage of agricultural news negatively. The findings of the study however, revealed that participatory communication offers a lot of hope for the for media coverage of the agricultural sector.


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