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Evaluation of Oral Microflora in Obese and Non-obese Humans from District Faisalabad


Abkar F, Rahman SU, Naveed A*, Rasheed H and Mehfooz SA

Obesity is accumulation of excessive fat in an adipose tissue that leads to deleterious effects on the body. The oral microbiota may have a correlation with the obesity. Present study was performed to correlate oral microflora and obesity. A total of 100 saliva samples were collected, 50 from obese and 50 from non-obese individuals. The samples were processed according to the standard protocol for DNA extraction through GeneJet Genomic Purification Kit. The extracted DNA were proceeded to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and sequencing. The bacterial species (Selenomonas noxia) was identified in 93% of the obese individuals at the level >1.05% of the total salivary microbiota. Capnocytophage gingivalis was identified in 89% of obese median while Actinomyces gerenseriae and Treponema socranskii were present in 71% and 79% of the obese individuals respectively. Some of the bacterial species from all these phyla were recovered in both obese and non-obese individuals, however above-mentioned bacteria were only detected in obese. The overall research evidenced the presence of different oral microflora in healthy and obese individuals. These results support the correlation of oral microflora with the obesity.


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