Entrepreneurship & Organization Management

ISSN: 2169-026X

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Enhancing the Coffee among Small holder farmers by Value-Added System in Thandaunggyi Township, Karen State, Myanmar


Saw Joseph Win* and Taien Layraman

Thandaunggyi is one of the townships in Karen state, Myanmar that is categorized as a conflict-affected (brown) area, characterized by late development and natural sightseeing place. However, since crop agriculture are susceptible to drought, Robusta coffee has become the sole most important alternative form of sustenance. Despite documented potential benefits of value addition, coffee is majorly produced and marketed with little processing. There is insufficient knowledge on why this is the case. Using survey data from 185 randomly selected coffee farmers from three areas in Thandaunggyi township, descriptive methods were used to summarize household characteristics and to characterize the farming systems in the study areas, while in-depth interviews with 40 participants and the Probit Regression Models were used to determine the extent of value addition contingent on the decision of a coffee famer to participate in value addition activity, and to assess the link between coffee value addition and household poverty status, respectively.


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