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Effects of Turkish Dramas on University Students: A Survey of Pakistani Universities


Mehwish Iqbal

The aim of this study is to investigate the “Effects of Turkish dramas on University students”. Drama plays an important role in the personality building of viewers. Because through the drama persons are changing their living styles, dressing styles and also comes to know about the values and norms of other nations. In this study researcher want to know the Turkish drama effects on young generation of Pakistan. And all know that University students are the young generation of Pakistan. In this present study survey research method was chosen and three Universities of Pakistan were chosen for this research purpose, which are “University of Gujrat, Gujrat”, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi and Punjab University Lahore. Quantitative research method was selected. Nonprobability sampling method was selected and in non-probability sampling random sample were used as a technique of data collection. Questionnaire is use as a tool of data collection and 300 samples size were selected. In this research three hypotheses were develop i.e., 1. University students are influenced by the styles of models of Turkish dramas. 2. University students are trying to adopt their styles. 3. Turkish dramas are affects Islamic values among University students. Findings of this research show that first two hypotheses were accepted and third hypothesis was rejected. University students are affected by Turkish dramas but do not affect Islamic values among University students.

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