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Effects of Broadband Internet on Studying Habits of the University Students in Pakistan (A Case Study of University of Gujrat)


Atiya Dar

Utility of broadband internet is consistently on the increase both in amount of its users as well as expand
in the activity. This medium serves tremendous functions at a time and transmits information among people and organizations globally. These technological advancements affect the daily routine of people and also converging in culture as a whole. The study is beneficial in this regard; it depicts whether arrival of broadband internet influences the studying behavior of students and how much time they spend with internet. Do they rely on it with comparison of other mediums? Broadband internet sensitizes students about global knowledge and gives opportunity to “click” and explore knowledge. It depends on the students’ potential however they use it optimistic or pessimistic way. The main focus of this short paper study is to provide concise information of broadband internet and its impact on students’ behavior of University of Gujrat Pakistan.


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