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Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Module (VATM) on Knowledge, Attitude and Utilization of Voluntary Counseling Testing Center (VCTC) Service among the College Students in the Selected Colleges of Pondicherry


Felicia Chitra, Kalavathi K and Manju Bala Dash

Voluntary Consulting and Testing (VCT) is one of the important strategies planned and implemented to fight against the spread of HIV.

Objectives: To assess the existing knowledge, attitude and utilization of VCTC services among the college students.

Methodology: Quasi experimental study was conducted among 400 college students (200 in experimental and 200 in control group) from the selected colleges of Pondicherry. Pretest was given to both the groups and Video teaching was shown only to the experimental group students. Posttest was conducted after 8 days of pretest and at 1 month and at 3 month to assess the utilization of VTC.

Result and findings: The distribution of the demographic characteristics of college students shows that 58% and 53.5% of the students were in the age group of 19 to 20 years in the experimental and control group respectively. The mean pretest knowledge score of the college students was 19.6 ± 5.17 and 20.75 ± 6.47 whereas the posttest mean knowledge score is 29.44 ± 4.36 and 12.96 ± 8.56 in the experimental and Control group respectively. The pretest attitude score was 36.77 ± 6.01 and 39.78 ± 5.66 whereas the posttest mean attitude score is 45.93 ± 6.32 and 36.6 ± 5.43 in the experimental and control group respectively.

Conclusion: Video teaching on VCTC has the impact on improvement in the knowledge, attitude and utilization of the VCT services.


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