Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

ISSN: 2573-0347

Open Access

Effect of diet and alcohol consumption on gut microbiota in pregnant women and offspring


Ying Wang

It has received great attention to the influencing factors of
gut microbiota transform from mother to infant. They can
significantly impact infant gut microbiota colonization and
development which is crucial to its health in later life. Hence,
prebiotic factors from maternal dietary habits during pregnancy are
still unknown. Purpose: This study aimed to explore the effect of
maternal alcohol consumption and daily diet at late pregnancy on
maternal gut microbiota as well as their new born infants. Methods:
A cohort of 29 mother-infant dyads was recruited from a tertiary
general hospital in a central region of China. Mothers (≥36 gestational
weeks) and infants (within 48 hours after delivery) fecal samples were
collected and the V3- V4 region of 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA)
sequences were analyzed. Maternal alcohol consumption and diet
were measured by a self- designed questionnaire before they go into
labor. Results: Maternal alcohol consumption was associated with
lower α diversity as well as gut microbiota composition both in
mothers and infants, including higher abundance of Faecalibacterium
in mothers and Bacterodies in infants. Maternal eggs consumption
during pregnancy was negatively related to Lachnospiraceae in
mothers and infants. Soybean products intake positively correlated
with abundance of Lachnospiraceae in mothers, and strongly affect
the β diversity of gut microbiota both in mothers and offspring,
especially vaginal birth infants


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