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Discovering the Total Contents of the Universe


Ing Jeoraj Jain

Modern scientists have been searching for clues of some type of extra-terrestrial life. However, ancient scriptures give very interesting and important information and details concerning the total contents of the whole universe. But it is given in a mathematical language, which has long been forgotten by the mankind. As such people have been interpreting those contents, as per their own limited knowledge of Geography and Cosmology. This has naturally, brought about several contradictions and created serious mismatch with the latest scientific findings. The author claims to have deciphered the Code, in which the Ri?is (Saints) had explained the contents of the universe (Lok?k??a) in terms of living and non-living substances, along with its dependence on time-cycle. It transpires that several puzzles, which remained hitherto as a myth, could easily be resolved by this ancient map. Even the latest scientific findings about the living and non-living matter of the cosmos can mostly be matched and fitted into the available ancient Lok?k??a map. Statistical data derived from the Lok?k??a can provide invaluable guidance and right direction to the scientists in several fields for future explorations. For example: It gives important information about the distribution of living and non-living substance of the universe. The chart clearly exhibits the existence of human-civilizations on many planets, scattered in the universe. Some of them are spiritually more advanced than ours. Sub-human life form exists on innumerable planets in the universe Apart from 7 states of matter and 7 phases of first 2 states of matter, (whose present knowledge is still at a very initial stage), the protean matter and protean-bodied life-form are still to be discovered by the scientists. We still have very scanty knowledge about the Corona of Galaxies. The properties of the protean stuff, as given in the scriptures, may probably provide some clues to understand the dynamics of this invisible matter of Corona.


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