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Digital Media and Educational Role Study Case of an Arabic E-Magazine


Thouraya Snoussi

ICT appear as primordial motor of changes related to Family concept and its fundaments as well. These technological transformations started designing a new image of modern family far from the typical Arabic and Islamic schema implemented decencies ago. We witness a real restructuration of the family concept in globalized standards which are relatively away, from our Arabic and Islamic culture, as well as the values, ethics, and behaviors that should prevail in the Muslim community. The present paper advocates from the pivotal question: “What are the most important features of the Arab and Islamic culture that the E-magazine “Happy Family” wants to its audience to adhere to through its published articles?” A content analysis of all articles published in the E-Magazine “Happy Family”, will be able to determine the most important values and behaviors that the sender insist on their implementation and maintenance in the family environment in order to preserve the Arab and Muslim identity and preserve the spirit of the Muslim Family.


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