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Cultural Imperialism through Beverages Advertisements: A Case Study of Youth of Lahore


Tamkanat Rasool, Aniqa Nadeem and Kiran Karamat

The study explores the effects of beverages advertisements on youth of Lahore. The main objective was to find out that how beverages ads are promoting western culture and its relationship with the youngsters. Survey was used as a method of data collection. The study targeted youngsters from different educational institutions of Lahore. The data were analyzed through SPSS and statistical tool such as Chi-square test was used for data analysis. The results indicate that youth get influenced by such beverages advertisements in which western culture is shown. The study concludes that most of the youth is attracted towards western advertisements and they consider that consuming such advertisements will make them more modern and civilized; hence they are more inclined towards it. Western media also uses such tactics to engage third world countries with their products which help them to gain more revenue


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