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Crime News and Real-World Blues: A Behavioural Study of Media


Arshpreet Kaur*

Crime news and shows are a genre of news and non-news platforms, the format is trending these days by gripping the audiences across the world with various unique ways of providing crime-based entertainment. The present study analysis the physical and psychological effects of consumption of crime-based content (in case of audience) and due to coverage of crime beat (in case of journalists). Data was collected from all strata of society in form of online questionnaire, it was not limiting the study to particular age group, gender etc because as the title of the study suggests we are interested in finding out about the real-world blues. This aspect of the study was needed to be researched and analysed so that we could study the possible reactions crime news and shows can have on the society.

Some prominent facts came into light through this research like demographics (age and gender) have no significant relation with physical or psychological effects on the crime beat journalists but work profile (years of experience and platform) have or consumption pattern of the audience (time spent on screen and what they watch it) have significant relation with physical or psychological effects on them but whether they watch it someone or alone will not have any relation. Overall, the study tried to analyse the effects of the crime news and shows on the behaviour of the media practitioners and audiences through analytical analysis.


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