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Changing Culture and Society through Indian Advertising Appeals: An Qualitative Analysis


Karanam Swetha

Advertising is a simple tool for marketing. Every media platform has its advertisement department and being the dominant one among the other departments. This is the reason behind the growth of the advertisement industry in a full-fledged manner over a short period. The role of advertisements is highly inevitable for creating persuasions. This study aims to analyse the transformation of culture and society through these advertising appeals and how it affects the stereotypes. Because India has such a large population and cultural diversity, the advertising business has developed a variety of adverts to ensure that they appeal to a wide range of people and persuade others to buy the merchandise by enticing them. The appeals are made in such a way that it has an impact on people's purchase decisions. For that, every advertising agency goes under various stages including psychological for getting the best results by selling their products. So that every advertisement mend to appeal to the audience. This study tries to bring light on Indian advertising appeals and how it is affected culture and society.


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