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Arab Women Using Internet: Case Study the U.A.E and Oman


Amina K Aldhaheri

There are trends showing that women using internet around the world is increasing. A new study confirms that Arab women are highly proficient in the use of the internet. This study is investigating the online attitudes and behaviors of Arab women using the internet, case study is UAE and Omani women. This is a comparative study which compares the use of internet of the UAE and Omani women. The study conducted between 2007- 2008 and it’s a descriptive study that aims to describe and investigate the way that Arab women use the internet in two countries (the UAE and Oman). This study is important because it will help to understand the phenomenon of Arab women using internet. Studies of Arab women using internet are rare. In addition, the importance of this study is to lead to deep investigation in the future in the area of Arab women using internet. The study found that there are no big differences between the UAE women and Omani women in using internet. The study has shown that both women are using internet every day between 1-4 hours daily. Both women use internet for different reasons such as sending and receiving e-mails, to find some information, to read newspaper, to chat with friends, and to learn some skills. The study found that there is a difference in using internet for expressing feeling between UAE women and Omani women. 80% of UAE women are using internet to express their feeling while 30% of women are using internet for the same reason. Both women are agreed that using internet helped them to understand women issues around the world.


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