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A Study on the Internet Usage Pattern of Postgraduate Students of Gulbarga University


Vijaykumar Meti

Education these days has been the top priority for any family or individual, and no doubt amongst the latest technologies to promote and maintain the education standards the Internet comes first. Internet is not only an access to websites; it is abound of resources of information and knowledge. The resources provided on various websites are indeed very informative and useful for professionals and students as well. The only pre-requisite is the research over the Internet for a specific educational topic, and then this information just needs to be filtered to gain the basic knowledge of what you are looking for. Therefore, these are true Internet resources which deal with every individual’s education needs. An attempt has been made to explore and study the consumption pattern in regards to the usage pattern of Internet of postgraduate students in the Gulbarga University. The study also includes student’s rationale of Internet usage, and also the impact on them based on the sample of 100 respondents in the selected postgraduate departments of Gulbarga University. The results are discussed and have been observed the attitude of students towards information technology, and the purpose of Internet usage for students.The objective of research was to evaluate weather is there any relationship between the usage of Internet and students academic performance. To better understand the relationship how the Internet affects university students learning the following questions should be answered. What are the benefits of using the Internet as part of a university education” what are the main factors affecting such use? What is the impact of such use on student learning? What does it take to encourage positive attitudes in students toward Internet use? This study tries to answer these questions by exploring the antecedents to and the impacts of Internet use in university education.


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