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A Random Survey of Menstrual Problems in Allithurai and Lalgudi Areas of Tiruchirapalli District


Kavitha T

A survey was carried out to study the common menstrual problems faced by women during their menstural period. 210 individuals of Allithurai and Lalgudi areas of Tiruchirappalli district were interviewed personally with a standard questionnaire. The statistical analysis was performed using SPPS software. The level of significance was analyzed using chi-square test where the results emphasized that 31.4% had their first menses at the age of 14, maximum number of respondents (68.6%) experiences pain and 68% showed medium bleeding. Most of them experienced psychological problems which affects their routine life. The most prevalent psychological symptom is anger (35.7%). Of the individuals surveyed most of them (92.9%) had a regular menstrual cycle with less abnormality. Marriage has a significant effect on bleeding, bleeding in between two successive periods, days of menses, pain, fatigue, increased appetite, fainting, indigestion and forgetfulness. Area also had a significant effect on many of the symptoms surveyed. The women residing in Allithurai area had shown significantly higher irregular periods.

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