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Promoting and Harmful Effects of Steroid Hormones on Renal Stem/Progenitor Cell Development

Novel Double Lumen Catheter for Drug Delivery at the Skin- Catheter Interface

Will In Vitro Tests Replace Animal Models in Experimental Oncology?

Enhanced Porosity without Compromising Structural Integrity: The Nemesis of Electrospun Scaffolding

Autologous Bone Marrow Transplantation in Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head

Three-Dimensional Cell Expansion Substrate for Cartilage Tissue Engineering and Regeneration: A Comparison in Decellularized Matrix Deposited by Synovium-Derived Stem Cells and Chondrocytes

Polyester Fleeces used as an Artificial Interstitium Influence the Spatial Growth of Regenerating Tubules

Peculiar Characteristics of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Clones Suitable as Tissue Engineering Models

The Creation of Electrospun Nanofibers from Platelet Rich Plasma

Stem Cell Research and Cancer Stem Cells

Rapid Self-Assembly of Tubular Arterial Media Layer from Smooth Muscle Cells in Transient Fibrin Gel

Comparative Characterisation of 3-D Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds Developed Via Replication of Synthetic Polymer Foams and Natural Marine Sponges

An in vitro Study to Assess the Potential of a Unique Micro porous Algal Derived Cap Bone Void Filler in Comparison with Clinically-Used Bone Void Fillers

Human Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Regulate Leukocyte-Endothelial Interactions and Activation of Transcription Factor NF-Kappa B

Bioengineered Skin: The Self-Assembly Approach

The TGF-β1-Induced Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Mesenchymal Stromal Cells is Influenced by Type of Substrate

Perspectives on Strategies to Direct Elastic Matrix Assembly

The Role of DNA Damage and Repair Proteins in Adipose-Derived Adult Stem Cell Differentiation in Neural- Like Cells

Bioactive Collagen Membrane as a Carrier for Sustained Release of PDGF

Advanced Donor Age Impairs Bone Marrow Cell Therapeutic Efficacy for Cardiac Disease

Perspectives on Carbon Nanotube-Based Scaffolds in Nerve Tissue Engineering

Biomechanics and Immunomediated Mechanisms in the Cochlear Implant Rejection

Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and Fibroblasts

Recent Development in Finite Element Methods and Computer Aided Design in the Development of Porous Scaffolds-A Review

New Developments and Trends in Tissue Engineering: An Update

Proactive Biobanking to Improve Research and Health Care

Acute Submandibular Oncogenes in Myelodysplastic Syndrome: A Rare Report

Synergy between Rhbmp-2 and IKK-Inhibitor PS-1145 Delivered via a Porous Biodegradable Polymer Implant

Effects of Polylysine and Polyglutamate on Inflammation and the Normal Process of Peritoneal Healing After Surgery

Cartilage Regeneration Using a Fibrin and Autologous Cultured Chondrocytes Mixture in a Canine Model

Biocompatibility Of Synthesised Nano-Porous Anodic Aluminium Oxide Membranes For Use As A Cell Culture Substrate For Madin-Darby Canine Kidneys Cells: A Preliminary Study

Induced Regenerative Elastic Matrix Repair in LOXL1 Knockout Mouse Cell Cultures: Towards Potential Therapy for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Modifying of the Biocompatible HA/Mwcnts/BSA Composites with TiO2 for Using as a Bone Replacement Materials

Can Synovium-derived Stem Cells Deposit Matrix with Chondrogenic Lineage-specific Determinants?

Evidence Based Medicine: from Science to Patient

Engineering of Osteoblasts for Bone Replacement: How to Test for Acquisition and Maintenance of a Proper Phenotype

Osteogenic Effect of High Frequency Accelerations on Non-Weight Bearing Bones

Screening of 3D biomaterials- A New Dimension in Biomaterials Research (or two?)

An Evolutionary View on Guided Tissue Engineering-from the Replacement to the Regeneration of Damaged Tissue

Hierarchically Structured Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering

Remembering Pioneers in Patient Treatments

Prevention of Adhesions by PL/PG after Adhesiolysis

Characterization of Decellularized Heart Matrices as Biomaterials for Regular and Whole Organ Tissue Engineering and Initial In-vitro Recellularization with Ips Cells

Structural Alterations in Scaffold Architecture in Response to Mechanical Stimuli

Tenogenesis of Equine Peripheral Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells: In vitro Versus In vivo

Computer-Automated Static, Dynamic and Cellular Bone Histomorphometry

Collagen-Based Scaffolds for Potential Application of Heart Valve Tissue Engineering

Melanocytes from the Outer Root Sheath of Hair Follicles Cultivated on Collagen Membrane Improve their Melanotic Properties

Bacterial Cellulose Membranes Constitute Biocompatible Biomaterials for Mesenchymal and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering

Development of a Protocol for Human Adipose Stem Cell Culture in CO2 Independent Medium and Perfusion Bioreactor

Monitoring Tissue Engineering and Regeneration by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy

The International Conference on Tissue Science and Engineering 2012: News on Emerging Cell - Based Therapies?

Adhesion to Extracellular Matrix Proteins can Differentiate Between Human Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Fibroblasts

Challenges In Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering: How Far Are We?

Search for Chemically Defined Culture Media to Assist Initial Regeneration of Diseased Renal Parenchyma after Stem/Progenitor Cell Implantation

Desmitis of the Accessory Ligament of the Equine Deep Digital Flexor Tendon: A Regenerative Approach

Spontaneous Chondrocyte Maturation on 3D-Chitosan Scaffolds

Cell Death and Cavitation: The Beginning of Organogenesis

Potentialities of Electrospun Polymeric Nanofibres in the Biomedical Field

Characterization of a Rat Multi-Cell Type 3D-Liver Microtissue System

Metabolic Regulation of Pluripotent Stem Cell Expansion, Differentiation and Reprogramming

Twin Screw Extrusion Based Technologies Offer Novelty, Versatility, Reproducibility and Industrial Scalability for Fabrication of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

Biological and Structural Characterization of Y-TZP for Implant Abutments

In Vitro Production of Sheep Embryos in CR1aa Medium Supplemented with L-Ascorbic Acid

Interstitial Flow in Cancerous Tissue: Effect of Considering Remodeled Capillary Network

Fabrication Factory for Tubular Vascular Tissue Mimics based on Automated Rolling Manipulation and Thermo-Responsive Polymers

Advances in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine and Drug Discovery

Proximate Analysis, Antioxidant and Anti Proliferative Activities of Different Parts of Carica papaya

Do we Need Standardized, GMP-Compliant Cell Culture Procedures for Pre-Clinical In vitro Studies Involving Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells?

Functionally-Graded Polymeric Graft Substitutes and Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering can be Fabricated via Various Extrusion Methods

Enhanced Volume of Stem Cell-Based Regenerated Tissue Achieved by Altering Microenvironment and Cell Seeding Strategies

Stem Cell Therapy: Are we Ready to use it?

An Overview of Various Biomimetic Scaffolds: Challenges and Applications in Tissue Engineering

Histological and Immunohistological Evaluation of the Tissue Response of a New Barrier Material Based on D,L-Polylactide, Trimethylene Carbonate and Caprolactone to Prevent Peritoneal Adhesion Formation

Innate Immunity Response to Tissue Engineering Templates: The Determinant

Endothelial Cell Lining of PET Vascular Prostheses: Modification with Degradable Polyester-based Copolymers and Adhesive Protein Multi-layers

Analysis of Capnogram Using Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) to Differentiate Asthmatic Conditions

Cytotoxic Properties of Calcium Phosphate/Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes/Bovine Serum Albumin on the CCD-18Co Cell Line

Surface-Bound Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Promotes Prolonged Activation of Endothelial Cells: A New Technology for Capturing Endothelial Progenitor Cells by Intravascular Stents

Review: Application of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Hard Tissue Defects

Cartilage Tissue Engineering; Lessons Learned From Periosteum

The Effect of Activating Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 Mutations on Osteogenic Differentiation and Ectopic Bone Formation by Human Periosteal Derived Cells

(Ultra) Structural Details of Cells and Matrix during Early Cartilage Regeneration after Chondrocyte Implantation in the Equine Knee Joint

CD133/EpCAM Cancer Stem Cell Markers of Tumour Stage in Colorectal Cancer Cells

Effect of Different Solvents in Solvent Casting of Porous caffolds in Biomedical and Tissue Engineering Applications

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines BJNhem 19 and 20 Fail to Differentiate Into Lung Lineage Specific Cells despite Induction through Guided Endodermal Differentiation.

Fat Body Development and its Function in Energy Storage and Nutrient Sensing in Drosophila melanogaster

Development, Characterization and Cell Cultural Response of 3D Biocompatible Micro-Patterned Poly-ε- Caprolactone Scaffolds Designed and Fabricated Integrating Lithography and Micromolding Fabrication Techniques.

RNA-Seq Accuracy Comprehensive Assessment, Duplicability and Knowledge Content by the Sequencing Internal Control Consortium

Small Diameter Coronary Arteria Designed In Vitro

Biomechanism Profile of Intervertebral Discs (IVD): Strategies to Successful Tissue Engineering for Spinal Healing by Reinforced Composite Structure

Modulation of Chondrocyte Phenotype by Bioreactor Assisted Static Compression in a 3D Polymeric Scaffold with Potential Implications to Functional Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Decellularization of Human Lip

Cellular Approaches to Tissue-Engineering of Skin: A Review

Development of Novel, Bioresorbable, Small-Diameter Electrospun Vascular Grafts

Manuka Honey: A Tissue Engineering Essential Ingredient

Obtaining of Hydrogels using PVA and HEC for Adipose Tissue Regeneration

Radiological, Morphological, Histological and Biochemical Changes of Lumbar Discs in an Animal Model of Disc Degeneration Suitable for Evaluating the Potential Regenerative Capacity of Novel Biological Agents.

Properties of Hydrochloric Chitosan Solutions Modified With Nano- Calcium Phosphate Complex.

Adipose Derived Tissue Engineered Heart Valve

SWI/SNF Chromatin Remodeling Complex in Regulating Mesenchymal Stem Cell Lineage Specification

Qatar Biobank and Qatar Genome Programs Road Map

The Application of Stem Cell Based Tissue Engineering in Spinal Cord Injury Repair.

Fabrication, Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry Characterization and In Vitro Qualitative Analysis of Biocompatibility of Various Porosities Polycaprolactone Scaffolds

Clinical Outcomes of Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation with Dental Implants in Patients with Alveolar Cleft

Methodological Consideration of Various Intraosseous and Heterotopic Bone Grafts Implantation in Animal Models

Atelocollagen Enhanced Osteogenesis in a Geometric Structured Beta-TCP Scaffold by VEGF Induction

Mechanical Isolation of Human Endothelial Cells from Large Vessels for Flow Cytometry Immunophenotyping

In Vitro Rooting and Acclimatization of Micropropagated Elite Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.)Genotypes - N52 and N53

Osteochondral Regeneration of the Loading-bearing Site Using a Scaffold Free Three-dimensional Construct of Adipose Tissue-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Pigs

Reconstruction of Larger Nasal Defects using Tip Divided-Scalping Forehead Flap

Production of Sterilized Medium Chain Length Polyhydroxyalkanoates (Smcl- Pha) as a Biofilm to Tissue Engineering Application

Using Human Cancer Cell Lines as In vitro Model for Testing the Efficacy of CDBPA; a New Anticancer Drug

TGF-β rescues extracellular matrix turnover in rotator cuff pathology

A Review on Bladder Wound Healing after Mechanical Injury

Pain Assessment in Patients with Venous Leg Ulcer Treated by Compression Therapy with Unnas Boot

Local Application of Bisphosphonates for Osteosynthesis: A Literature Review

Behavior of Encapsulated Saos-2 Cells within Gelatin Methacrylate Hydrogels

Cell Competition and Cooperation in Tissue Development

Cartilage-Bone Interface Features, Scaffold and Cell Options for Regeneration

Study of Tissue Printing Parameters for Generating Complex Tissue Constructs

Efficient Plant Regeneration of Selected Kenyan Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) Cultivars through Somatic Embryogenesis

Current Status of Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Cartilage Repair

Cell Sheet Technology using Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Myocardial Tissue Engineering

Actovegin Equals to Performance Enhancing Drug Doping: Fact or Fiction?

Human Tissue Engineering: A Relevant Model for Identifying microRNAs Activated by Glioblastoma/Neural Tissue Interaction

Cell culture techniques essential for toxicity testing of inhaled materials and nanomaterials in vitro

Oriented Microstructure in Neural Tissue Engineering: A Review

Improvement of Gene Expression Studies in the Dimethylnitrosamine Induced Liver Fibrosis Model in the Rat Using Selected Reference Genes for Quantitative Real Time-PCR Analysis

Immunopathology of Apical Periodontitis and Refractory Cases

Yielding and Growing of Adipose Stem Cell Harvested from the Superficial and Deep Abdominal Subcutaneous Fat: A Case

Platelet Rich Plasma as a Mono Therapy for Diabetic Ulcer

Development of Biodegradable Films Based on Chitosan/Glycerol Blends Suitable for Biomedical Applications

A Post Mortem Case Study: Diffuse Pulmonary Ossification and Sudden Death

Pre-Differentiated Skin-Like Cells can Alleviate In Vitro Burn Injury

Tissue microRNAs as Cancer Tissue Biomarkers

The Use of Adipose Derived Cells for Skin Nerve Regeneration - Short Review of Experimental Research

Biomaterials for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Novel Combinations for Wound Healing: Chitosan/PVA Nano Fiber; Royal Jelly, Probiotic

Biomaterials for Promoting Wound Healing in Diabetes

The Influences of Electromagnetic Field Irradiated by High Voltage Transmission Lines with 50 Hz on the Features of Blood in Animals

Realizing the Potential of Nanotechnology for Agriculture and Food Technology

Effect of Nanoparticles on Biodiversity of Soil and Water Microorganism Community

Review on Wet Chemical Growth and Anti-bacterial Activity of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures

HemiCAP-Wave ® Implant in Salvage Procedure of a Large Trochlea Lesion in the Knee in a 37 Year Old Former Active Man

Labeling Mesenchymal Stromal Cells with PKH26 or VybrantDil Significantly Diminishes their Migration, but does not affect their Viability, Attachment, Proliferation and Differentiation Capacities

BioCAE: A New Strategy of Complex Biological Systems for Biofabrication of Tissues and Organs

Design of a Novel Method for the Spatial Distribution of Cells within a Porous Scaffold for Tissue Engineering Applications

The Role of Myeloid Lineage Cells on Skin Healing and Skin Regeneration

Chondrogenic Differentiation of Human Chondrocytes and Stem Cells in Different Cell Culture Systems Using IGF-1-Coupled Particles

Enhanced Device for Cell Delivery to the Myocardium: Validation in Swine Hearts

Gene Delivery System: Non-Viral Mediated Chemical Approaches

Bio Technological Intervention with Platelet Rich Plasma for Assisted Regeneration of Sole

Antifungal Potency of Foeniculum vulgare Seed Extract

Bio-Engineering of Wounds by PRP Led Regeneration

Chronic Kidney Diseases and Nanoparticle Therapeutics

Multiphase Biodegradable Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering a Tendon-Bone Junction

pH-Sensitive Chitosan Hydrogel with Instant Gelation for Myocardial Regeneration

Wound Healing Process, Diabetes and Implications of Dipeptidyl Peptidase IV (DPP IV/CD26)

Two Layered Scaffolds (Loofah/PLLA/Cellulose/Chitin) for Repair of Osteochondral Defect

New Technique for Processing Tissue Displacements Estimation in Breast Ultrasound Elastography

Effectiveness of Nanosilver, Nanogold and their Combination on the Healing Potential of Critical Radial Bone Defects in Rats

A Question for Scientists in Tissue Physiology

Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium Restores the Phenotype of Dedifferentiated Monolayer Canine Articular Chondrocytes Cultured in Alginate Beads

Reconstructive Urology and Tissue Engineering: Converging Developmental Paths

The Potential Therapeutic Cells in Vascular Dementia: IL-1beta Enhanced Endothelial Progenitor-like Cells

The Effect of Aging and Culture Senescence on Fibroblast Proliferation and Osteogenic Differentiation

Enhancement of Displacement Estimation of Breast Tissue in Ultrasound Elastography

Bone Regenerative Medicine and Bone Grafting

RADA16-I Hydrogel-Released CXCL12 Stably Promotes Stem Cell Migration

In Vitro Development of an Acellular Biological Liver Scaffold Repopulated with Rat Hepatocytes

Feedback Controlled Release of Alendronate from Composite Microparticles

Scientists Combine 3D/4D Printing with A Concoction Procedure to Deliver 'Living' Materials

Specialists Grow Better Approach to 3D Print Living Skin with Veins

REANIMA Task May Upset Standards That Underlie Regenerative Cardiology Research

Specialists Create 3D Tissue Models of Mind Tumors in A Cerebrum Copying Microenvironment

Optoceutics Method Opens Up New Skylines for Regenerative Medication

WFIRM and Oracle Health Sciences Collaborate to Combine Body-on-a-Chip with Information Examination

Specialists Create 3D Tissue Models of Cerebrum Tumors in a Mind Mirroring Microenvironment

Up and Coming Age of Hydrogel Frameworks Could Assist Fix with Boning Abandons in Future

TMJ Issues Could be treated with Tissue-Designed Inserts after Effective Creature Study

Pancreatic Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells

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