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Important citations

Poinern, G. E. J., Le, X., Loomes, C., & Fawcett, D. (2014). Biocompatibility of composite membranes composed of anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) and Poly (2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate) for use as a cell culture substrate. Materials Letters, 131, 182-185.

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Suh, K. S., Sarojini, S., Youssif, M., Nalley, K., Milinovikj, N., Elloumi, F., ... & Goy, A. (2013). Tissue banking, bioinformatics, and electronic medical records: the front-end requirements for personalized medicine. Journal of oncology, 2013.

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Zehbe, R., & Fleck, C. (2012). Hierarchically Structured Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering. J. Tissue Sci. Eng, 3(3), 1-3. Chicago

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