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Improvement of Jute Packages to Resist Insects during Storage of Bean Seeds

Recycling the Cellulosic Biomass to Competent Advanced Material

Measuring Reflectance Spectra of Textile Fabrics by Scanner


Microwaves in Textile Finishing, Yes or No

Cad Software Based Design of Yarn Guide Profile

Production, Characterization and Antibacterial Activity of Mucor rouxii DSM-119 Chitosan

Engineered Warp Knit Auxetic Fabrics

The Preparation of Spunbonded PA6/PET Segment Bicomponent Fiber

Chitosan Nanoparticles Self-Assembled from Electrospun Composite Nanofibers

Supply Chain Management in Textiles and Apparel

Different Surface Modification of Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) and Polyamide 66 Fibers by Atmospheric Air Plasma Discharge and Laser Treatment: Surface Morphology and Soil Release Behavior

Effect of Fabric Softener on Properties of a Single Jersey Knitted Fabric Made of Cotton and Spandex Yarn

Study of the Theoretical and Rheological Models for the Mechanical Behaviour of Cotton Core Spun Yarn with Elastane

Antibacterial Efficacy Analysis of Ricinus communis, Senna auriculata and Euphorbia hirta Extract Treated on the Four Variant of Denim Fabric against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus

The Effect of Plasma Sputtering on Dye Ability of the Polyester/Wool Blends Fabrics

Enzymatic Treatment of Polyester Fabrics Digitally Printed

Preparation, Characterization and Functional Analysis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Coated Single Jersey Cotton Fabric

Effect of Knitted Bamboo Structures Dyed With Natural Colorants on Ultraviolet Radiation Protection

Textiles in Earth-Quake Resistant Constructions

Active Learning in Fashion and Textiles Supply Chain Management

Clean Trends in Textile Wet Processing

Utilizing the Natural Fiber for Textile and Engineering

Smart' Textile Materials: A Paradigm Shift

Moving Ahead!

Needleless Electrospinning: A Practical Way to Mass Production of Nanofibers

Treatment of Textile Wastewater by Nanofiltration Membranes: A Neural Network Approach

A Study on Effect of Strain Rate on Tensile Behavior of Inherent Flame Retardant Trevira CS Airjet Spun Yarns

Improving Properties of Polyester and Cellulose Acetate Fabrics using Laser Irradiation

Effect of Solanum tuberosum on Muslin-Gauze Composite for Healthcare Applications

Factors Influencing the Pressure Exerted by a Compressive Knit

Editorial for the Journal of Textile Science and Engineering

Increasing Prospects for Nanofibers and Nanofiltration

Effect of Cotton/Micropolyester Blends on Physical Properties of Ring Spun Yarn

Sustainable Line of Cotton Wet Processing

Electrospun Nanofibers as Carriers for Bioactive Molecules

Aspects of Applying Ergonomic Tests in the Evaluation of Ballistic Body Armours Using the Example of Ballistic Vests

Fiber Fly Generation of Soybean Yarns during Weaving

Comparative Study on Antibacterial Finishes by Herbal and Conventional Methods on the Woven Fabrics

Structural Analysis of Cotton/Lycra Corespun Single Jersey Knitted Fabrics

Rheological Modeling of the Dorlastan Core Spun Yarns for Various Dorlastan Drafts and Yarn Counts

Application of Biotechnology in the Colouration of Jute Fabric Using Vinyl Sulphone Type of Reactive Dyes

Biodegradable Plastic

Fiber Examination in Forensic Science

Near Infrared Transmission Through Various Clothing Fabrics

“Direct Pattern on Loom”- An Innovative Method of Garment Construction

Warping Parameters Influence on Warp Yarns Properties: Part 1: Warping Speed and Warp Yarn Tension

Application of Eclipta Leaves, Achras Zapota Leaves and Nyctanthes Arbortristis Flowers on Organic Cotton Fabric with Bio Wash

Wet Pulverization of Waste Jute Fibers as Reinforcement for Biodegradable Nanocomposite Films

Analysis of the Antimicrobial Efficacy of Bamboo/Cotton Knitted Fabric Finished with the Extracts of the Syzygium aromaticum Buds

Clever Strategies: Salt Free Dyeing Design with Acidic (Neucleophilic Dyeing Method) and Alkaline (Electrophilic Dyeing Method) Process on Pure Cotton Fabric by Using Reactive Dye

Automated Sorting Technology from T4T Can Help Improve Recovery and Efficiency

Effects of Time of Heat Setting and Wet Processes on Tensile properties of Griege Knitted Ingeo™ Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) Fabric

Effects of Aromal Finish by Herbal and Conventional Methods on Woven Fabrics

Properties Evaluation of Cotton Ring and Compact Spun Yarns after Scouring and Bleaching Process

Analyses of Cell Wall Glycans Using Glycome Profiling in Two Commercially Important Lignocellulosic Fiber Raw Materials

Accelerated Bleaching of Cotton Material with Hydrogen Peroxide

Application of Herbal Oil on Selected Regenerated Cellulosic Fabric for Evaluating the UV Protection Property

Application of Nano-Cellulose in Textile

Textile Design and Draping

Design and Methodology for Technical Textiles

Prospects of Fabric Dyeing Using Biochromes

Imparting Antimicrobial Finish on Selected Regenerated Cellulosic Fabrics with Herbal Oil Combinations

Evaluation of Light and Color Performances of Deep Black Coloring of Non Circular Cross Section Polyester Fabrics using Polarization Image Processing

Design, Manufacture, Mechanical Testing and Clinical/Mri Assessment of the Medical Elastic Compression Stockings, Base on Taiwanese's Leg Size

The Importance of Aloe debrana Plant as a Thickening Agent for Disperse Printing of Polyester and Cotton in Textile Industry

A Study of the Effects of Time of Heat Setting and Wet Processes on Shearing (Gf/Cm) Properties of Treated and Untreated Griege Knitted Ingeo™ Poly (Lactic Acid) (Pla) and Polyethyleneterepthalate (Pet) Fabric

Textile Fabrics and Future Prospective

Enzymes in Fabric Preparation: How much are we Successful?

Eco-friendly Antibacterial Printing of Wool Using Natural Dyes

Research onto use of New Textile Friction Composites in the Reduction of Non-exhaust Emissions

Chemical Modification of Cellulosic Fibers Using Eco-Friendly Compounds to Improve Dyeing with Cationic Dyes

Dyeing Properties and Analysis by Rp-Hplc-Dad of Silk Fabrics Dyed with Madder (Rubia tinctorum L.)

Kinetic Study for Reactive Red 84 Photo Degradation Using Iron (III) Oxide Nanoparticles in annular reactor

Comparative study for Improving Printing of Cotton/Polyester Blended Fabrics

Nanocomposite Coatings: State of the Art Approach in Textile Finishing

Digital Image Processing Techniques: A Versatile System for Textile Characterization

Editorial: Textile Science & Engineering

Effect of Selected Fabric Construction Elements on Wicking Rates of PET Fabrics

Evaluating the Acoustic Properties of Estabragh (Milkweed)/Hollow- Polyester Nonwovens vfor Automotive Applications

A Novel Method of Dyeing Nylon 6, 6 with Cold Brand Reactive Dyes and Assessment of its Fastness Properties

Recycling of Textiles in India

Study of Mechanical and Surface Properties on some Chemical Treated Cotton Fabric by KES-F, SEM and FTIR Analysis

Textiles and the Textile Research and Industries in the Twenty-first Century

Re-Design - More a Social and Industrial Evolution than a Question of Luxury on Demand

Environmental Sustainability through Textile Recycling

Recycling of Textiles

Volume Based Measurement of Fabric Drape using Surfer Software and Studies on Effect of Influencing Factors

Impact of Various Wrinkle Free Finishes on Wrinkle Recovery Property of Cotton Fabric under Different Variables

Fibonacci Geometry is Fashionable

Ergonomics in Sewing Room

Preliminary Study of Determining Trash Components in Lint Cottons by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Technique

Use of Chitosan in Mosquito Repellent Finishing for Cotton Textiles

Coir Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Warping Parameters Influence on Warp Yarns Properties: Part 2: Warp Yarn Material and Cone position on Warping Creel

Designing an Adaptive 3D Body Model Suitable for People with Limited Body Abilities

Morphological Analysis of Micro-fibrillated Cellulose from Different Raw Materials for Fiber Plastic Composites

Evaluation of Moisture Management and Antimicrobial Properties for Surgical Gowns: A Case Study in Egyptian Hospitals

The Garment Industry Problems

Nonwoven: A Versatile Fabric

Bolaform Electrolytes as Dyeing Auxiliaries

Polypyrrole Based Electro-Conductive Cotton Yarn

Applications and Prospects of Microbial Polymers in Textile Industries

The Garment Manufacturers Risk Assessment - Swot Analysis

Technology is Essential in Teaching Analysis of Fashion Window Displays:A Subscription Approach

Alternate Relationship between Single Fiber Properties and Both of Fiber Microscopic and Physical Properties

Various Types of Interferences during Sample Analysis in Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Effect of Stitch Length on the Physical Properties of Both Plain and 1 X 1 Rib Knitted Fabrics

Develop and Compare New Software Based on "Lord" Equations to Calculate Fineness and Maturity Parameters by Using "HVI" Instrument

Simulation and Optimisation of Warp Tension in the Weaving Process

Antibacterial Activity of Cationised Cotton Dyed with Some Natural Dyes

Smart Textiles and Nano-Technology: A General Overview

The Role of Branding as One of Marketing Tools in Textile Industry

Biodegradation of DDT

A Way of 3D Transformation of the Bust Darts in Ladies Clothing

Polymeric Nanofibers: Recent Technology Advancements Stimulating their Growth

Fiber Orientation and Aspect Ratio Calculation Using Image Analysis

The Biopolymer Sericin: Extraction and Applications

Pistachio Hulls, A New Source of Fruit Waste for Wool Dyeing

Studies on the Effect of Nano Zinc Treatment on Jute Fabric

Thermal Modelling on Solar-Absorbing Metamaterial Microencapsulation of Phase Change Materials for Smart Textiles

The Effect of Warp and Weft Variables on Fabric’s Shrinkage Ratio

To the Problems of Cleaning of Hard-grades Raw Cotton

Creating a Network Planning Diagram: Men’s Trousers Production Project

Need to Replace the Toxic Biocides for Safe Environment

Antimicrobial Studies of Knitted Fabrics from Bamboo, Soybean and Flax Fibers at Various Blends

Electrical Surface Resistivity of Polyaniline Coated Woven Fabrics

Regional Traditional Indian Embroidery “Kasuti”: Key Success Factors to Reach the International Markets

Variants of a Lady’s Dress with 3D Transformations

Optimization of Planning in Garment Manufacturing

Textile Dye Removal from Wastewater Effluents Using Chitosan-ZnO Nanocomposite

Geometrical Analysis of Warp Knit Auxetic Fabrics

Automated System for Operational Monitoring of Technological Processes in Cotton Enterprises

Cutwork on Cotton Fabric

Design of Collars around Necklines in Varied Forms

Scenario Method for Defining the Strategy in the Garment Industry

Comparison Mechanical Properties for Fabric (Woven and Knitted) Supported by Composite Material

Mechanical Properties of Unidirectional Jute-Polyester Composite

Embellishment Materials Used for Developed Articles from Discarded Textiles

T-Shirt with Propping Effect for Natural Ventilation: Design Development and Evaluation of its Functionality by Thermal Manikin in Standing and Walking Motions

Predicting the Tensile and Air Permeability Properties of Woven Fabrics Using Artificial Neural Network and Linear Regression Models

Comparison of Seam Strength between Dyed and Un-dyed Gabardine Apparels: A Research on Lapped and Superimposed Seam

Study on Different Techniques of Fabricating Conductive Fabrics for Developing Wearable Electronics Garments

Effect of Winding Tension Parameters and Rewinding Passages at Winding on Cotton Yarn Properties

The Influence of the Wet Processing Stages on Yarn Processability

The Influence that the Blend Process has on the Hardening Behavior of a PU/Epoxy Resin System

Synthesis and Characteristics of m-TMXDI-based Waterborne Polyurethane Modified by Aqueous Chitosan

Investigation of the Effect of Different Plasma Treatment Condition on the Properties of Wool Fabrics

Theoretical Prediction of Overall Porosity of Terry Woven Fabrics

Direct Carbonization of High-performance Aromatic Polymers and the Production of Activated Carbon Fibers

Mulberry and Silk Production in Kenya

Impacts of Air Pollution on Colour Fading and Physical Properties of Wool Yarns Dyed with Some Natural Dyes in Residential Site

Effect of Crepe Texture on Tensile Properties of Cotton Fabric under Varied Relative Humidity

Effects of Dyeing Temperature and Molecular Structure on the Dye Affinity of Polyurethane Films containing Polyethylene Glycol Segments

Find the Suitable Warp Tension to get the Best Resistance for Jacquard Fabric

SozioTex-Sociotechnical systems in the Textile Industry: Interdisciplinary Competence Build-up in Human-machine Interaction Facing Demographic Change

Development of High-performance Single Layer Weft Knitted Structures for Cut and Puncture Protection

Effects of Air Velocity, Air Gap Thickness and Configuration on Heat Transfer of a Wearable Convective Cooling System

Effects of Raising and Sueding on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Dyed Knitted Fabric

Effect of Microorganism on Flax and Linen

Optimization of Opening Roller Speed on Properties of Open End Yarn

Customisation and Fashion Logistics Effects of Flat Knitted Fashion Products using Complete Garment Technology SAMAND OR - A Case Study

Generation Mean Analysis of Fibre Quality Characters in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Analysis of Sulfonated Anthraquinone Dyes by Electrospray Ionization Quadrupole Time-of-flight Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Screen Printing on Silk Fabric using Natural Dye and Natural Thickening Agent

Characterization of Electrostatic Discharge Properties of Woven Fabrics

Mechanical Properties of Geotextiles after Chemical Aging in the Agriculture Wastewater

Study of Performance Characteristics of Fabrics Coated with PVC based Formulations

Sustainability and Biotechnology Natural or Bio Dyes Resources in Textiles

Optimizing Effects of Cots Shore Hardness on Cotton Yarn Properties at Ring Frame

Spectrophotometric Investigation of the Interactions between Cationic (C.I. Basic Blue 9) and Anionic (C.I. Acid Blue 25) Dyes in Adsorption onto Extracted Cellulose from Posidonia oceanica

Mechanical Property Measurement and Prediction Using Hirschs Model for Glass Yarn Reinforced Polyethylene Composite Fabric Formwork

The Treatment of Industrial Effluents for the Discharge of Textile Dyes Using by Techniques and Adsorbents

Selective Speciation of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) by Micro-emulsion Using UV-Vis. Spectrophotometry

Evaluation of Processing Performance and Properties of 100% Cotton and Cotton-Polyester Blended Ring Yarns

Choosing a Manufacturing Systems Model Type

Card Setting: A Factor for Controlling Sliver Quality and Yarn

Development of Directionally Oriented Compressive Weft Knitted Fabrics

Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Nano Cellulose for Enhanced Performance of Textiles

Development of Antibacterial Silk Sutures Using Natural Fungal Extract for Healthcare Applications

Novel Photo-Fenton Oxidation with Sand and Carbon Filtration of High Concentration Reactive Dyes both with and without Biodegradation

Thermophysiological Wear Comfort of Clothing: An Overview

Study of the Effect of Cyclic Stress on the Mechanical Properties of Braided Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

Solid State Characterization and the Thermal Properties of Stereoregular Poly(vinyl chloride) Prepared by Urea Clathrate Polymerization

Analysis of the Influence of Geometric Characteristics of the Saw and the Gasket of Saw Gin on the Life of Saw at Different Distances between the Saw

An Observation of Soil Load Bearing Capacity by Involving Prepared Nonwoven Fabrics

Reduction of the Weaving Process Set-up Time through Multi-Objective Self- Optimization

Electrospinning of Direct Carbonizable Phenolic Resin-based Nanofibers

Use of Quality Tools for Problem Analysis (FMEA and Ishikawa Diagram) in a Small Textile Business

Analysis of Chemical Components and Antimicrobial Activity on Vetiver Extract for Home Textile Applications

Original Brand Name Manufacturing

Evaluating the Effect of Weft Yarn Characteristics on Fabric Texture Using Image Analysis Techniques

Effect of PVAmHCl Pre-treatment on the Properties of Modal Fabric Dyed with Reactive Dyes: An Approach for Salt Free Dyeing

Mechanical and Surface Properties of Thai Cotton Hand-woven Fabric Made from Hand-spun and Machine-spun Yarns

Designing and Development of Denim Fabrics: Part 1 - Study the Effect of Fabric Parameters on the Fabric Characteristics for Women's Wear

Anti-Bacterial Coating of Chrysanthemum Extract on Bamboo Fabric for Healthcare Applications

UV Protection Properties of Cotton, Wool, Silk and Nylon Fabrics Dyed with Red Onion Peel, Madder and Chamomile Extracts

Effect of Bleaching Agents on Colour Depth of Jute Fabric Dyed with Natural Dyes

The Co-design Process in Mass Customization of Complete Garment Knitted Fashion Products

Discovery on the Artistic Expression of Georgette through Silk Painting

Process of Business Reengineering from the Aspect of E-Business

Effect of Slub Yarn Ratio on Single Jersey Knitted Fabric Properties

Designing High Performance Safety Belts

Brand Selection on Different Items - A Study for Investigation of Bangladeshi Young Customer Priority Level

Performance of Binary Blends of Indigenous Ramie - Acrylic

A Study on the Effects of Pre-treatment in Dyeing Properties of Cotton Fabric and Impact on the Environment

Engineering Fiber Volume Fraction of Natural Fiber Staple - Spun Yarn Reinforced Composite

Lean Manufacturing and Value Engineering, Two Concepts for Sustainable Management

TRIZ Inventive Principle in the Creative Process of Textile Products

Functional Modification on Adhesive Bandage Using Natural Herbs

The Energy Effective Method of Modeling and Manufacturing of New Profile Teeth of Saw

Analysis of Changes in Tension in Leading Branch Belt Drive

Study of the Dynamics of Cotton Seeds Movement under the Influence of Air Flow

Linearization of Power Amplifier using the Modified Feed Forward Method

To Study of the Percentage Absorption of Natural Dye on Dyeing of Silk with Dry Pomegranate Rind

3D Virtual Prototyping Traces New Avenues for Fashion Design and Product Development: A Qualitative Study

The Use of Titration Technique and FTIR Bands to Determine the Deacetylation Degree of Chitosan Samples

Experimenting Backing Material of Hand Block Printing Table by Using Alternate Sources: All over Double Colour

Development of Nonwoven Fabric from Recycled Fibers

Direct Dyeing of Jute: Effect of Cationic Treatments on Color Fastness

Synthesis of a Novel Nanoencapsulated n-Eicosane Phase Change Material with Inorganic Silica Shell Material for Enhanced Thermal Properties through Sol-Gel Route

Study on Color Strength of Different Reactive Dyes

Effect of Gamma Radiation on the Properties of Jute Reinforced Polyester Matrix Composites

Predicting Sewing Thread Consumption for Chainstitch Using Regression Model

The Influence of Drying Regimes in Moisture of Raw Cotton and its Components

Processing, Structure and Properties of Melt Blown Polyetherimide

Smart Digital Thickness Test Method® For Knitting Clothes

Impact of Child Labour on the Nutritional Level and Developmental 9-12 Years

Aloe Vera Leaf Gel Extract for Antibacterial and Softness Properties of Cotton

Tencel Process Optimization in Conventional Cotton Processing Machineries and a Quality Comparison with Similar Cotton Yarn Count

XRD: A Pioneer Technique for Characterizing the Polymer and Fiber

Development of a Statistical Model for Predicting the Dimensional Stability of Socks during Wet Processing

Development of Save Antibacterial Finish for Socks and Kitchen Fabrics

Generation of Jute Fibre Length Distribution via Graphics and Computer Simulation with Gamma Distribution Function

Natural and Sustainable Raw Materials for Sanitary Napkin

The Impact of Technical Textiles on Health and Wellbeing Current Developments and Future Possibilities

An Overview of Nonwoven Product Development and Modelling of Their Properties

Exports Competitiveness of the Indian Textile Industry during and after ATC

Determination of Pore Size, Porosity and Pore Size Distribution of Woven Structures by Image Analysis Techniques

Influence of Component Fibre Properties on the Tensile Properties of Ramie Blended Yarn

Using Critical Path Method for Making Process Layout of a T-Shirt within Earliest Finish Time

Analysis and Characterization of Mosquito-Repellent Textiles

Preparation and Characterization of Functionalized Chitosan Derivatives from Prawn Waste for Cellulose Fibre Modification to Enhance Textile Properties

A Simple Method for Measuring Fabric Drape Using Digital Image Processing

Advances in Instrumental Colour Pass/Fail Analysis

Effects of Elastane Draw Ratio of Core-spun Yarn on Air Permeability and Bursting Strength of Bi-Stretch Woven Fabrics

Textile Wastes: State of the Art

Fair Trade and Sustainability in the British Textile Industry: An Evolution from Exploitation towards Global ‘Equality’

Using Taguchi Methodology to Optimize Woven Fabrics Air Permeability

Storage Characteristics of the Spray Dried Talisay (Terminalia catappa) Leaves as Source of Natural Dye

Alumina Production and the Textile Industry

Li-doped ZnO Sol-Gel Thin Films: Correlation between Structural Morphological and Optical Properties

Effect of Experimental Condition on Properties of Zinc Oxide Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Deposition with Ammonium Hydroxide as an Additive

Comparative Study between the Characteristics of the Egyptian and the Sudanese Cotton Knitted Fabrics

Effects of Liposome Assisted Dyeing on PET Fabric Properties

Textile CAD Analysis for Warp and Weft Patterning

Information Sharing along the Global Textile Supply Chain for Maximizing their Added Values

Recycling of Post-Consumer Apparel Waste in India: Channels for Textile Reuse

Prospect of 3D Warp Knitted Spacer Fabric and its Effect on Pressure Relieve for Reducing the Prevalence of Pressure Ulcers for Immobile Patients

A Step-by-Step Chemical Recipe to Dye Commercial Cotton with Natural Indigo Dyes in an Open Bath for the Beginners and Artisans

Textile Performance of Functionalized Cotton Fiber with 3-Glycidoxypropyltriethoxysilane

Influence of UV Radiation on Mechanical Properties of PVC Composites Reinforced with Pineapple Fiber

Some Significant Advances in Spacer Fabric Technology for Newer Areas of Applications

Effect of Weave Structure and Yarn Density on Mechanical Attributes of Jute Fabric Reinforced Polypropylene Composites

Low Temperature Bleaching (LTB): A Sustainable Wet Processing Technique

Social Compliance, Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Management Practice in the Apparel Industry of Bangladesh: An Overview

Fabric Designing for Product Development by Combination of Weaves through CAD

Dyeing of Cotton Fabric using Herbs

Study on the Comparison of the Effects of pH Buffer in Single Stage Preparatory Process with that of Conventional for CVC Woven Fabric

Comparative Study between Engineering Stripe and Feeder Stripe

Textiles as EMI Shields

Practices towards Sustainable Textile Processes: Investigation on Environmental Issues at Different Stages of Knitted Fabric Wet Processing

Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effects of Far-Infrared Emitting Ceramic Fabric Shirts and Control Polyester Shirts on Transcutaneous PO2

Spirality in Knitted Fabric

Novel and Cyclic Revolution made in Indian Silk Sarees

The Effect of Structural Characteristics on Thermal and Moisture Management Properties of 3D Fabrics Designed for Pressure Relief Applications

The Effects of the Ozone Desizing and Combined Conventional Desizing and Scouring On Tear Strength and Abrasion Resistance of 100% Cotton Terry Fabrics

Preparation and Properties of Cross-Linked Regenerated Cellulose Fibers

New Method for In-situ Measurement of Pore Size Deformation of Barrier Textiles under Biaxial Loading

Voyage of Fragrances and Fashion

Fabric Structural Parameters Effect on Seam Efficiency-Effect of Woven Fabric Structural Parameters on Seam Efficiency

Elaboration of a Conductive Textile by Coating for Clothes Equipped with Fourth-Generation Photovoltaic Cells

Development and Characterisation of Nonwoven Fabrics for Apparel Applications

On The Energy Absorption of Natural Woven Silk/Epoxy Composite Tube

Modification of Cotton Fibre with Functionalized Silane Coupling Agents Vinyltriethoxysilane and Aminopropyltriethoxysilane

Study on the Performance of Bamboo Fibre Modified with Different Concentrations of Sodium Hydroxide and Chlorine Containing Agents

A Novel Fluorescent Disperse Dye based on N-Polyamidoamine Dendrimer-1,8 Naphthalimide: Synthesis, Characterization and Dyeing Properties on Polyester Fibres

Development Horizons for Textile Industries Present and Future

Cationization of Cotton Using Extracted Keratin from Ethiopian Sheep Wool Waste for Salt Free Dyeing with Reactive Dye

Environmental Friendly Dyeing of Silk Fabric with Natural Dye Extracted from Cassia singueana Plant

Mechanical Properties Thermoplastic Laminates of Polycarbonate-Polyetherimide Blend with Glass Fibers

An Overview of Recent Developments in the Field of Wearable smart textiles

ISO Standards and European Norms for Size Designation of Clothes

Composite Manufacturing from Recycled Medical Gloves Reinforced with Jute Fibre

Design and Development of Product Data Management (PDM) For Textile Company

Material Composition and Sources of the Feok Festival Costume

Evaluation Study of Surface Characteristics for the Compact Yarns Manufactured on Different Compacting Systems.

Non-toxic Coloration of Cotton Fabric using Non-toxic Colorant and Nontoxic Crosslinker

Thermophysiological Comfort Properties of Nonwoven Fabrics Developed for Apparel Industry.

A New Method to Evaluate the Appearance of Cotton Yarn Using Image Processing and Fuzzy Inference System Supported with Graphical User Interface

Online 3d Unsupervised and 2d Supervised Classification in Clients’Pattern Recognition.

Performance of Knitted Fabrics Produced from Fancy Yarns with Different Slub/Meter and Blend Ratio

Non-Instrument Diffraction Control Method Spinning Semi-Finished Products

Evaluation of Impact of Yarn Count and Stitch Length on Pilling, Abrasion, Shrinkage and Tightness Factor of 1 x 1 Rib Cotton Knitted Fabrics

Future Vision for Development in Textile Science and Engineering

Development of Nonwoven Fabrics for Clothing Applications

Fabric Weave Pattern Detection Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Texture Orientation Features in Wavelet Domain

Hydrolysis of Sugar for Dyeing of Cotton Fabric with Sulphur Black

Eco-friendly, Salt-Free Reactive Dyeing by Cationization of Cotton with Amino Acids Obtained from Soya Bean Hull

Analysis on Production Efficiency of Lean Implemented Sewing Line: A Case Study

Eco-friendly Vat Dyeing on Cotton Fabrics at Bahir Dar Textile Share Company

Development Keys in the Textile Industry

Performance Evaluation of Cotton Yarn Sized With Natural Starches Produced From Native Corn, Cassava and Potato Starches

Extraction, Structural and Functional Properties of Silk Sericin Biopolymer from Bombyx mori Silk Cocoon Waste

Impact of Modified Glyoxalic and Co-polymer Acrylic Crosslinkers Effect on the Crystallinity and Mechanical Properties of Finished Cotton.

Extraction of Natural Dyes from Whitfieldia lateritia Plant and Its Application on Cotton Fabric

Effect of TiO2 Nanoparticles on Aluminium Effect Pigment Coated Fabric-Application of Reflection and Transmission of Light through Fabric

Mosquito Repellent Finishing of Cotton Using Pepper Tree (Schinus molle) Seed Oil Extract

Electric Conductivity of Inorganic Effect Pigment Coated Cotton Textile Using Sol-gel Process

Producing Fire Retardant Cotton Fabric Using Chicken Eggshell

Durable Self Cleaning Property on Cotton Fabric by Synthesised TiO2 Nanoparticles at Room Temperature.

A Review on Preparatory Processes of Bamboo Fibres for Textile Applications

Effect of Different Mordanting Agents on the Fastness Properties of Cotton Knitted Fabric Dyed with Marigold Extracted Dyes

Preparation and Electrochemical Properties of Polyaniline Grafted Graphene Composites

The Impact of Quality Control Tools Application on Supply Chain Management: A Case of Wossi Garment Factory

Identifying the Shrinkage Properties of Cotton Polyester Spandex Denim Fabrics of Different Fiber Content

Effect of Shirts with 42% Celliant® Fiber on tcPO2 Levels and Grip Strength in Healthy Subjects: A Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial

3rd International Conference on Materials Science & Research October 30-31, 2020 | Osaka, Japan

Effect of Microfiber Yarn’s Linear Densities on Blanket’s Water Vapour Transmission Ratio

Performance Assessment of Recycled Alum Sludge in the Treatment of Textile Effluent Containing Dye

Effect of Blend Ratio on Cotton-Modal Fibre Blended Ring- Spun Yarn Quality with Varying Modal Fibre Percentage

Production of Taper Product from Weaving Waste Cotton Yarn and Beeswax

The Role of Textile Products in Fighting the Coronavirus COVID-19

Diaper Design for Polyester Fabric

Acid-Base Indicator Properties of Dye from Local Plant: The Rosella Calyces (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)

Study on the Antimicrobial Efficacy of Fabrics Finished with Nano Zinc Oxide Particles

Economy and Ecology in Dyeing-Cold Pad batch Dyeing Method for Cotton Knitted Fabric

Study of the Hemostatic Effect of Natural Silk

Development of Energy Saving and High-Density Cotton Seeds for Storage

Art of Knitting in the Fabric Sector

Sliver Doubling Effects on Fabric Quality and Strength

Probiotic Technology- A Novel Approach in scouring of Textiles

Optimization of Residual Shrikage Control of 100% Cotton Woven Fabric through Sanforization

An Overview of Handloom Industry in India at Times COVID- 19

Nano Textiles Production During COVID- 19

Development of Energy Saving & High-Density Cotton Seeds for Storage

Recent Progress in Waterless Textile Dyeing

Study on the Application and Colour Fastness Properties of Aqueous Dye Extract from Whitfieldia Lateritia Leaves

Airjet Textured Yarn Fabrics for Airbag: An Innovative Approach

Face Masks Texture in Times of COVID-19

Textile-Based Personal Protective Equipment for the Contemporary Needs

Biocides for Textiles against SARS-CoV 2

A Critical Review on PLA-Algae Composite: Chemistry, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties

High Perfomance Fiber- Kevlar the Super Tough Fiber

Usage of Face Shields as a Protective Equipment

Scenario of Textile industry post covid

Data science and analytics

Hair fibres from a range of domesticated and undomesticated animal species

Advancing Design Scholarship in Textiles and Apparel

Novel Smart Textiles

Textile recycling processes, state of the art and current developments

pioneering technologies, and improved understanding of textile materials

In order to address the needs of the current Covid-19 Pandemic

The two Categories of leather alternatives

Pleating is a sophisticated fabric manipulation

Journal of Textile Science & Engineering

Adsorption of Reactive Dyes from Textile Wastewater Using Corn Stalk Activated Carbon

Preparation and Characterization of Polypropylene Nonwoven fabric incorporated Silica Aerogel Composite dried in Ambient Pressure Drying Method

The Role of Binders and Its Chemistry in Textile Pigment Printing

Rare earth salts mediated improved rubbing fastness for Indigo dye


Development of High Count Repurposed Yarns from Pre Consumer Textile Waste

Nano science and technology research

The effect of long time wears on thermal comfort properties of various parts of denim trousers

Unique research and development for fibers and Textiles on an industrial scale

The roles of data analytics in the fashion industry

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