Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Telecommunications System & Management

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Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

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The Foundations of Robosociology: Values and The Aggregate Behaviors of Synthetic Intelligences

Adam Alonzi

DOI: 10.37421jtsm.2020.S6.001

Outcomes on the macro level often cannot be accurately extrapolated from the microbehaviors of individual agents. The interdependence of complex system’s components makes simulation a viable option for exploring cause and effect relationships within it (Miller and Page, 2009). Chaos theory emphasizes the sensitivity of such networks to starting conditions (Boccaletti, 2000), which strongly suggests thought should be put into the architecture of an AGI “society” before it begins to take shape. Protocols for emergency interventions should certainly be in place, but the network itself should be robust enough from the beginning to handle sudden deviations from basic ethical precepts by one or more of its members.  Outside of its context, and without any information about the parts to which it is connected, a cell or leaf or animal can be studied, but not understood in a meaningful way (Mitchell, 2009). Creating moral agents in a hyperconnected world will involve modeling their interactions with entities like and unlike themselves in the face of both predictable and unforeseen events. This will be helpful as groups can behave differently than their individual parts (Schelling, 1969) Keeping AI friendly does not end with giving each AI a set of maxims before letting them loose, but satisfactorily explicating upon the emergent phenomena that arise from the interactions of similarly or differently “educated” machines. Because of the near certainty that synthetic intelligences will communicate rapidly and regularly, it is imperative that thought leaders in AI safety begin thinking about how groups of artificially intelligent agents will behave.


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Conference Announcement on Webinar on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics


DOI: 10.37421jtsm.2020.S6.003

We are satisfied to invite you to the " Webinar on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics "after the fruitful culmination of the arrangement of Artificial Intelligence Congress. The congress is planned to occur August 23, 2020.

This Artificial Intelligence gathering will give you an excellent research understanding and tremendous thoughts. Artificial Intelligence will concentrate on the subject Innovations and headways in Artificial Intelligence. We are certain that you will appreciate the Scientific Program of this up and coming Conference. The point of view of the Artificial Intelligence Conference is to set up cutting edge research to assist individuals with seeing how procedures have progressed and how the field has created as of late.

Artificial Intelligence is an area of programming building that underscores the creation of canny machines that work and react like individuals. Artificial Intelligence is master in examining how human cerebrum thinks, learn, choose, and work while attempting to take care of an issue, and afterward utilizing the results of this investigation as In the reality, the information has some unfortunate properties. In the advanced world, Artificial Intelligence can be utilized from multiple points of view to control robots, Sensors, actuators and so forth. A robotization framework is a framework that controls and shows building association. These frameworks can be set up in a couple of commonplace ways.  In this portion, a general development outline work for a structure with complex prerequisites because of the activity, for example, a counselling room will be depicted.

Real plan often has a portion of the highlights and segments portrayed here yet not every one of them. The computerization level comprises of every single dynamic control that direct the field level gadgets in real time. This is perhaps the best case of robotization.  In web based shopping the imbursement and checkout are through online discussion framework.

The most other designing majors work with Artificial Intelligence, however the core of Artificial Intelligence is Automation and Automation Engineering over every one of the supporters.  Artificial Intelligence gathering is likewise involved Best Post Awards, Best Oral Presentation Awards, Young Researchers Forums (YRF) and furthermore Video Presentation by specialists.

We are happy to invite all of you to join and enrol for the "Webinar on Artificial Intelligence & Robotics" which will be held during August 23, 2020. Individuals who have missed going to the past gathering are generally free to show your examination thoughts at the 2020 Artificial Intelligence meeting. This meeting will assist you with improving systems administration with famous individuals in the field of transplantation.

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Research Based on COVID 19

Marandure Elisha

DOI: 10.37421jtsm.2020.S6.004

In my research I discovered that corona virus it is a virus that was discovered way back. Corona virus has MERS, SARS etc. My main aim for this research is based on covid- 19


A lot of people around the world have different views and beliefs on the source of the virus. Even up to now the source of the virus is still under debate, thus resulting in less confidence enough for scientists to come up with a better solution to save humanity, as Scientists have been trying to understand the origin of COVID-19 and the virus that course it SARS-cov-2...(Why?).Original scientists believed that the virus may have developed in bats and later pangolins.... (Why bats and why later pangolins if it has been bats?).

Well then genomic comparisons suggest that the SARS cov 2 virus is a result of a recombination between two different viruses, meaning the exact origin of the virus is still unclear. (Unclear? Meaning to be clear enough, bats and pangolins, or group family of such kind of animals may help come up with the clear and that's possible). Let's look at MERS a bit Health officials first reported the disease in Saudi Arabia in September 2012(places to look at Saudi Arabia). Through retrospective (backward-looking) investigations, they later identified that the first known cases of MERS occurred in Jordan in April 2012(first case of MERS in Jordan). All cases of MERS have been linked through travel to, or residence in, countries in and near the Arabian Peninsula. The largest known outbreak of MERS outside the Arabian Peninsula occurred in the Republic of Korea in 2015(MERs could also help us come up with the clear view if we trace back to the places it occurs, if it occured in Saudi Arabia,then let's look at the places like Ethiopia,Somalia, Egypt and Suda as well as some places in Africa which does trade in pangolins and other animals including poachers the type of animals they were interested in hanting as well type of meat hunt they eat during the process of poaching. If we are to look at Korea both both and south on the other hand ,what type of food bat or pangolins or snake related,shipping animals as well the travel through water infected fish and so on,so let's look dip in to areas like Korea, Zibo,Dalian,Qingdao,Yangzho,Nanzhing as well how good the relationship of food supplies and movement of people from other location it was to Wuhan?). The outbreak was associated with a traveler returning from the Arabian Peninsula.People with MERS can spread it to others......

 The other way I personally view and under my search goes like. Under normal circumstances the courses of the virus is usually authenticated of such venom threats apart from the figurative sauces to which the identification is malicious pertaining to other deadly viral diseases that has been figured out as global pandemic in about years back. Currently I may say covid 19 is an acute airborne diseases that affects the body with an immediate air crafted response (physical connection distance). Although I may not refer to any source or book because of its causes due to the current diligence researches

So I vividly consider the research to be part of the animal scientist’s task to take part of the identification so as to approach either soil environmental creature because basically we would have to imagine if it an animal based disease it won’t be possible for us to toss the whole world since we have some animals that are not even found within our locality, like African countries as I heard from one of the medical expert and I argue with them as not true fact of convincing the world,so for us to toss the world will be only due to search of how Corona has been to existence. So I now confident enough that covid 19 it’s a man-made virus that is air crafted with a travelling motivation and reactivate motion that influence our social wellbeing. I know this might sounds crazy but one thing I’m sure about is since we are now chewed with the susceptible society and hypocritical world.

So from the above I may say it's just a few of what I have and due to lack of enough apparatus to use for the whole search I just have to give a written document so my little idea might help scientists help save humanity

So for now in my research I think can be done is to go over and over some experiments

What is a Bat? How do a bat survive? What type of food a bat eat? Looking in to a system of a bat, as well as some type of snakes expected to be the ones to the course, as well as the pangolins.

Herbs like Zumbani, lemons, Tsine, in shona, Baobabarous type of alovera (gavakava), Ginger, garlic supposed some I've mentioned are not yet tested to be use but alovera have 21 nutrient elements which may help human system (specific baobabarous type)

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The SP Theory of Intelligence and its potential in robotics

J Gerard Wolff

DOI: 10.37421jtsm.2020.S6.005

The SP System, meaning the SP Theory of Intelligence and its realisation in the SP Computer Model, is the product of a lengthy programme of research, which now provides solutions or potential solutions to several problems in AI research [1]. There is an extended overview of the SP System in [2], and there is a much more comprehensive description in [3]. Details of related publications, with download links, are on This presentation is about how the SP System may prove useful in the development of intelligence in robots. A peer-reviewed, published, paper about this is in [4]. The main theme of this presentation is generality, as described in the following subsections. Generality needed for AI in robots Where some degree of autonomy and intelligence are required in robots, it seems fair to say that capabilities that have been developed so far are quite narrowly specialised, such as vacuum cleaning an apartment or a house, navigating a factory floor, walking over rough ground, and so on. It seems fair to say that there is a pressing need to provide robots with human-like generality and adaptability in intelligence.

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Representing and Reasoning about Viewpoint within the context of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Robotics

Mr. Andrew Ritz

DOI: 10.37421jtsm.2020.S6.004

The concept of Viewpoint Reasoning was proposed a number of years ago within the context of 3D Model-Based Vision for representing viewpoint information about a scene and the objects therein. This concept is based on a representation that stores feature visibility in terms of 3D surfaces or solids that encapsulate individual objects or the whole scene, much in the same way as property spheres and the aspect graph. When the visibility of objects and their features are represented in this way, answers to questions about the joint visibility of features from viewpoints within a scene are at hand. With respect to computer graphics, viewpoint reasoning requires semantics to be routinely associated with 3D objects and the scenes they are placed in. Once this is done a large number of options become available for interacting with a scene and individual objects in a task-oriented way and not just in terms of geometry. Viewpoint Reasoning can be applied within the areas of Computer Graphics and Robotics to problems such as Good Viewpoint Selection, Sensor Placement, Motion Planning, and Object Exploration. This talk describes a system, written in the programming language Python, which demonstrates how such tasks can be performed even when complex objects are involved.

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AI the single most important tool humanity has conceived

Kelvin Ogba Dafiaghor

DOI: 10.37421jtsm.2020.S6.006

Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems to be able to perform task normally requiring human intelligence. Examples are visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making and translation between languages e.t.c. According to Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Artificial intelligence is the technology that drive most modern technology from self driving cars to even our snap chart filter. According to Andrew Ng, an authority in the field of artificial intelligence, he said just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, we have seen so far that AI will transform our industry in the next several years. AI already powers our home i.e. smart homes, our phone cameras, driverless cars like in Tesla cars. Fictional movies are becoming a reality with artificial intelligence. we now see company trying to create neural machine interface to bridge the gap between humans and AI because of the rate of advancement of AI. It is estimated that trade involving AI will hit $13 trillion by the year 2030. An easy way to build the skills necessary for the machine-learning and AI field is continuing education, in addition to formal strong data science programs, there are also many viable, free options. Importance of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence as the best tool to solve global poverty. Artificial intelligence can be used to bridge the gap between the have and the have not between the develop and the underdeveloped world. Artificial intelligence can bring same kind of quality education obtainable in Harvard to FUPRE.

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Human and Multi-Agent collaboration in a human-AI teaming framework

Neda Navidi

DOI: 10.37421jtsm.2020.S6.007

Summary: The main focus of this talk is "human-AI teaming", specifically the mode of "human-AI collaboration" where humans and AIRL-based agents accomplish tasks together in a multi-agent system. Therefore, the objective cannot be achieved by just a lone human or agent, and the responsibilities in the environment are partitioned and/or shared between humans and agents.


Collaborative multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL) as a specific category of reinforcement learning (RL) provides effective results with agents learning from their observations, received rewards, and internal interactions between agents. However, centralized learning methods with a joint global policy in a highly dynamic environment present unique challenges in dealing with large amounts of information. This study proposes two innovative solutions to address the complexities of a collaboration between human and multiple RL-based agents (referred to hereafter as “Human-MARL teaming”) where the goals pursued cannot be achieved by a human alone or agents alone. The first innovation is the introduction of a new open-source MARL framework, called COGMENT, to unite humans and agents in real-time complex dynamic systems and efficiently leverage their interactions as a source of learning. The second innovation is our proposal of a new hybrid MARL method, named Dueling Double Deep Q learning MADDPG (D3-MADDPG) to allow agents to train decentralized policies parallelly in a joint centralized policy. This method can solve the overestimation problem in Q-learning methods of value-based MARL. We demonstrate these innovations by using a designed real-time environment with unmanned aerial vehicles driven by RL agents, collaborating with a human to fight fires. The team of RL agent drones autonomously looks for fire seats and the human pilot douses the fires. The results of this study show that the proposed collaborative paradigm and the open-source framework leads to significant reductions in both human effort and exploration costs. Also, the results of the proposed hybrid MARL method shows that it effectively improves the learning process to achieve more reliable Q-values for each action, by decoupling the estimation between state value and advantage value.

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Making Money Out of Data

Mr. Shailendra Kumar

DOI: 10.37421jtsm.2020.S6.008

Though a lot has been talked about emerging technologies, there are still a lot of unknowns on the concepts. To bring it to life, Shailendra will take a use case approach to showcase how large organizations are becoming Intelligent Enterprises to Make Money out of Data. Shailendra will also talk about how data can bring business value to an organization through data-driven analytics strategies for revenue growth, cost reduction, marketing, and customer behavior management to drive business outcomes driving a huge return on investment. It will give an opportunity for students to ask direct questions to Shailendra, understanding the basic concepts of Data Science.


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