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Policy and Society

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The Roots of Human Rights and the Role of Social Psychology

R. Dean Stalnaker

Since the 1930s the field of social psychology has built a distinctive reputation for its work in understanding human rights and advancement of the cause. The focus of the field is interested in the processes of the way we think and behave in relation to other individuals, in group relationships, one-on-one, and how we think, developing a point of views, and how attitudes impact the way we interrelate with each other. Social psychologists in the 1930s also focused on issues associated with prejudice and discrimination in various locations in Europe and the United States. These factors contributed to many issues associated with human rights. The United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (2018) defines human rights as moral principles innate to all humans, whatever their nationality, location, gender, ethnic origins, religion, language, or other statuses.

Research Article

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Rapid Urbanization and Environmental Degradation: Practices and Reality

Farzana, Syeda Zehan

Globally, urbanization is one of the major issue contains such impacts on human being due to hampering the protection of nature and over access of human across the nature, are the ultimate of increasing temperature especially increased Carbon-di-oxide (Co2) in air. The degradation of surrounding environment due to over Carbon-di-oxide (Co2) leads people to being attacked by various diseases. Urbanization is the process of expansion of a city by increasing of total population/area in urban localities over time1. In the developing nations compare to the developed nations of the world, urban areas are containing largest population which are the ultimate of becoming mega cities and rapid urbanization. As per the data, by 1990 the average population of 100 largest cities of the world was above 5 million whereas in 1800 it was below 2 lacs. Further by 1990, there were 12 �??mega cities�?? along with above 10 million inhabitants and among these cities seven were in Asia, three in Latin America and two in the United States of America.


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Policy Instrument Development and Effectiveness of a Public Policy in Terms of its Perceived Intentions

Jang Wangh

A strategy may be a conscious arrangement of standards to direct choices and accomplishes reasonable results. an appointment is an assertion of expectation, and is executed as a way or convention. Strategies are by and enormous embraced by an administration body inside an association. Arrangements can aid both abstract and target dynamic. Arrangements utilized in abstract dynamic generally help senior administration with choices that ought to be founded on the general benefits of varied elements, and subsequently are regularly difficult to check unbiased, for instance equilibrium between fun and high stuff strategy. Interestingly, approaches to assist target dynamic are normally operational in nature and may be impartially tried, for instance secret key arrangement

Short Commentary

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Evolution characteristics of the spatial network structure of tourism efficiency in China: A province-level analysis

Zhaofeng Wang

Evolution characteristics of the spatial network structure of tourism efficiency in China: A province-level analysis�?� conducted a study to explore the evolution characteristics of the spatial network structure of tourism efficiency at the provincial level in China. These valuable conclusions are as follows. First, during the sample period, tourism efficiency was generally stable nationwide, except for a slight decline at the end of the sample period. Spatially, the distribution pattern was approximately: eastern region, central region, northeastern region, western region. Second, the overall fluctuations of network density and network correlation degree decrease, which indicated that the spatial network structure of tourism efficiency became loosely linked during the sample period; a cooperation mechanism for tourism development in various provinces should be established as soon as possible. Third, province-level tourism efficiency in China shows apparent core-periphery structure characteristics; the overall core-periphery structure development tends to be group-centered, and the spatial connection is strengthened

Mini Review

Pages: 1 - 5

Establishing Essentials in Professional Development

Rick Stalnaker

The New Horizons Agency is an essential voice in educational services associated with autistic children. This educational feature of the organization will be the functional framework of this study. The agency is well-respected in mentoring governmental groups and driving the direction of policy for the treatment of autistic children. Communication is critical for optimal operation at New Horizons, and the forms of communication can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Therefore, training on how to use certain forms of communication are essential. Equally important is a development process for staff to reflect on how they are progressing in the learning of organizational policies on using various modes of communication.


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