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Marianna Luongo

Marianna Luongo
San Carlo Hospital


Dr Marianna Luongo was born in Potenza (Italy) on 10th December 1979; she graduated at the School of Medicine at “Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli” (Naples, Italy) with a thesis about “Clinical and Surgical Aspects of petroclival meningioma”.

Enabled to practice Medicine and Surgery from February 2007 with affiliation to Provincial Order of Medical Doctors of Potenza from March 2007.

Specialized in Neurosurgery, (vote 50/50 cum laude), with a thesis about:”Endoscopic treatment of colloid cysts”.

Since September 2010 attended the Department of Neurosurgery of San Carlo Hospital, in Potenza, with clinical, surgical and research aims, also joining the Regional Neuro-Oncology Group.

Currently, she is working as Neurosurgeon in San Carlo Hospital (Potenza, Italy). She has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities as Neurosurgical Consultant. Her primary research interests include Neuroendoscopy, Neurooncology and Neurotrauma.

She is serving as an Editorial Member of several reputed journals like: Journal of Citology and Histology and expert Reviewer for journals like: Journal of Trauma and Treatment, World Journal of Clinical Cases, Journal of Cytology and Histology, Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences, International Journal of Haematology, Blood Diseases and Disorders.

She published articles on international journals, she contributed with some chapters to neurosurgical books for medical students and she presented abstracts, about several topics, for communications at National and International Neurosurgical Congresses.

Research Interest

primary research interests include Neuroendoscopy, Neurooncology and Neurotrauma.

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