Warburg effect mechanism as the target for theoretical substantiation of new possibility cancer disease treatment

Cancer Science & Therapy

ISSN: 1948-5956

Open Access

Warburg effect mechanism as the target for theoretical substantiation of new possibility cancer disease treatment

3rd World Congress on Cancer Science & Therapy

October 21-23, 2013 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Francisco Airport, CA, USA

Ponisovskiy M. R

Accepted Abstracts: J Cancer Sci Ther

Abstract :

Having borrowed from the folk healers Omelchenko A. and Breusse R., the method treatment of the oncologic patients, having tested the positive results of this method of treatment, it was explained that the mechanism of this method treatment and was substantiated by this method treatment, using the offered conception of Warburg effect mechanism. Just the author was convinced of the efficiency of this method treatment by the meetings with cured patients and determined on own experience about the efficiency of treatment of the ill man with the incurable cancer stage. Thus, the positive results of this treatment were tested. Besides, the influences of the operating factors of the offered new method treatment were explored by author on himself and the outcomes were analyzed and explained using data of biochemistry, biophysics, cytology, thermodynamics. So the explanations of the mechanism of the offered method cancer disease treatment was made from the point of view of biochemistry, physical chemistry and biophysics, using also described concept of the Warburg effect mechanism. There was used ?long starvation (42 or 45 days)? for treatment of oncologic patients in the offered method. Here is the short explanation of this method treatment mechanism: ?Inflow of substances and energy from an organism depot in condition of prolonged medical starvation is the first feature of the new method of cancer treatment. The forced shift of balance catabolic and anabolic processes of the organism Internal Medium into catabolic processes in the condition of the organism depot exhaustion for maintenance stabile Internal Energy of an organism (temperature 36,5?C - 37,2?C, by which all enzymes operate), owing to prolonged medical starvation, causes shift of both the organism metabolism and the tumor metabolism into a catabolic pathway with damage of tumor anabolic pathway resulting in tumor development depression, and considerably decreased dosage of cytotoxic medicinal agent damage of tumor metabolism and Warburg effect in condition of cancer depression?. The offered method treatment of cancer disease was also described in detail. Also it was described positive experience of cure of incurable cancer disease ill patient. Comparing the offered new method of treatment with the modern official methods of cancer treatment it was explained distinctions between them. Also author gave explanation to the mechanism decrease of medical drugs efficiency in a palindromia of cancer development after some medical remissions, referring to the other mechanisms decrease of medical drugs efficiency. The advantage of the new method of cancer treatment is that the new method of cancer disease treatment does not intrude into the stability of internal medium and internal energy an organism and cells, does not violate defensive mechanisms of an organism /immune and hormonal systems/ in comparison with targeting metabolic links of anabolic processes both in the organism and in the tumor causing damage of hormonal regulatory processes and protective immune processes in an organism by up-to-date chemotherapeutic methods of treatment. The new method of cancer disease treatment rearranges only pathologic metabolism of cancer tissue into normal metabolism that causes tumor depression, and considerably decreased dosage of cytotoxic medicinal agent ruins the cancer metabolism in condition of cancer depression finally. Considerably decreased dosage of cytotoxic drugs preserves immune and hormonal systems of an organism and prevents recurrences cancer disease, which occur not infrequently after treatment with high dosage of cytotoxic drugs. Also it was supposed and suggested the possible modes to integrate the offered method treatment of cancer disease with the modern methods treatment of cancer disease which should be made after detailed clinical approbation.


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