The pesticides carcinogenic risk factor

Journal of Oncology Translational Research

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The pesticides carcinogenic risk factor

Joint Event on 27th World Oncologists Annual Conference on Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology & Surgical Oncology & 10th International Conference on Dermatology & Cosmetology

December 07-08, 2018 | Chicago, USA

Manuela Stoicescu

University of Oradea, Romania

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Oncol Transl Res

Abstract :

Objectives: The most important objective of this presentation is to attract attention that the pesticides represent an important carcinogenic risk factor. The idea of this presentation came from the practical finding of many cases in the multiple hepatic metastases phase in asymptomatic patients who could not believe they had this final diagnosis and no pathological or family history. In these patients, I have done an anamnesis regarding the workplace and possible risk factors in the workplace. Some people worked in greenhouses and others were agronomist engineers. In all these jobs, pesticides are used in the workplace.

Material and Methods: I will present the situations of two patients, which came at the consultation for a routine control and non-specific symptoms: Asthenia, loss of appetite and after the abdominal ultrasound was performed, was discovered unexpected multiple liver metastases and they were in the end stage of life. After investigations, one presented colon cancer and was agronomist engineer 30 years and the other gastric cancer and worked in greenhouses 25 years. I have observed many clinical cases in my medical practice in the same situations, with similar workplaces and all most of them were presented digestive cancers: colon cancer, gastric cancers or pancreatic cancer.

Result and Discussion: All these categories of patient worked in the similar workplaces, greenhouses, and others were agronomist engineers, where used pesticides substances in agriculture.

Conclusion: The most important conclusion of this presentation is that the pesticides used in agriculture are certainly a carcinogenic risk factor, especially for digestive cancers (colon, stomach, pancreas) and the people must be informed.

Biography :

Manuela Stoicescu is Consultant Internal Medicine Physician (PhD in Internal Medicine), Assistant Professor of University of Oradea, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania. She was invited as Speaker at more than 30 international conferences is USA, China, Japan, Canada, Thailand, Dubai, Spain, Germany. She is Committee Organizing Member at many international conferences, she is Editorial Board Member in two ISSN prestigious journal in USA, published more than 30 articles in prestigious ISSN Journals in USA, published five books (two on Amazon–one is: “Sudden cardiac death in the young” and second is: “Side effects of antiviral hepatitis treatment”), one book with OMICS USA:“Tumour markers in hypertensive young patients”, one monograph (“High blood pressure in the young an ignored problem?!”) and two chapter books–Cardiovascular disease: Causes, Risks, Management CVD1-Causes of Cardiovascular Disease 1.5,1.6, USA on Amazon.



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