Save the turtles: Urbiztondo coastal area solid waste management

Advances in Recycling & Waste Management

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Save the turtles: Urbiztondo coastal area solid waste management

11th World Congress and Expo on Recycling

June 13-14, 2019 | Edinburgh, Scotland

Juan Martin Amido, Nicole Maury Bajarin, Vincent Faustino, Christian Roujiem Bragas, Maria Rosario Corpuz, Lea Marie Claustro, Roel Damisel,Jerome Marquez and Jerome Villanueva

La Union National High School, Philippines

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Abstract :

Sea turtles are keystone species meaning they maintain the natural flow of the ecosystem, hence, with the absence of sea turtles in the ocean, the balance within the marine environment will be disrupted. Waste production is growing in the coastal area due to urbanization, thereby increasing the vulnerability of sea turtles and their nesting areas to solid wastes. Thus, the researchers aimed to answer the following:

a) What are the solid waste management practices in the coastal area of Urbiztondo?

b) What are the initiatives of the following stakeholders in relation to solid waste management and sea turtle conservation: government, nongovernmental organizations, business establishments, schools

c) How do Urbiztondo coastal area visitors interpret solid waste management?

The researchers utilized descriptive design, semi-structured and survey interview in gathering data from the participants. The data was analyzed through thematic analysis. It was discovered that the community of San Juan conducts regular cleanups and other actions including the government, surfers, some business establishments, nongovernmental organizations, and schools. Their initiatives in solid waste management were also found to be instrumental in sea turtle conservation. Moreover, San Juan coastal area visitors interpreted solid waste management as an essential tool for environmental preservation specifically in the coastal area of San Juan. In conclusion, the participants stated positive responses with their actions in solid waste management in the coastal area and awareness in sea turtle conservation.

Key Words:

coastal area, solid waste management, solid waste, turtles, turtle nesting area.

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