Paneer whey based jelly and confectionery: A delicious product from milk and dairy technology

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Paneer whey based jelly and confectionery: A delicious product from milk and dairy technology

2nd International Conference on Animal & Dairy Sciences

September 15-17, 2014 Hyderabad International Convention Centre, India

Prachee Wasnik, S P Changade and N N Zade

Posters: J Veterinar Sci Technolo

Abstract :

Five different levels of paneer whey (control (0%), 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) was utilized along with the corresponding levels of water for the preparation of jelly based confectionery product. Paneer whey testing 6.36% total solids was utilized and added with colour (1-2%), flavor (1-2%), citric acid (1-2%), finely ground sugar (10-15%) and pectin mixture (0.5-2%). The mixture was uniformly blended using a sheer stirrer or food processor for two to three minutes and heated for 10 minutes for complete dissolution of pectin. The uniformly blended mixture was then added with finely ground sugar (35-45%) and concentrated till reaches to a minimum 65 Brix total soluble solids content over a continuous undisturbed hot flame. The mixture was not stirred in the process so as to avoid the formation of bubbles and foam. Foam, if any, was gently removed. The clear concentrated hot mixture was then poured slowly and gently in to the sterilized stainless steel moulds of desirable size and shapes, kept in clean, dry and hygienic place. The jelly mass was then allowed to cool and set at the room temperature for 15-25 minutes. The set jelly mass was then kept on sterilized stainless steel plates. Preferably rectangular pieces of desirable size were cut with the stainless steel sterilized knife and were twist wrapped using transparent polyethylene rectangular wrappers. The results show scope for the utilization and addition of paneer whey to enhance the nutritive value of jelly based confectionery and jelly-like products, economically beneficial for dairy plants handling huge amount of paneer whey by-product and also in mitigating the problems of whey disposal and pollution.

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