Pacemaker lead displacement

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Pacemaker lead displacement

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November 25-26, 2019 | Dubai, UAE

Abubakar Hilal

Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Pakistan

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Abstract :

Pacemaker lead displacement or dislodgement is one of uncommon cause of pacemaker malfunction. It occurs due to unintentional or deliberate manipulation of the pacemaker pulse generator in the skin pocket by the patient. This leads to lead coiling, dislodgement and pacemaker failure. Elderly people mostly female, psychiatric patients and large pocket size mostly present with this problem. Mostly occurs in first year of pacemaker implantation. CXR is the diagnostic modality. Pacemaker lead repositioning is the treatment along with proper suture fixation of the lead and pulse generator within its pocket.

Biography :

Abubakar Hilal has a special interest in Interventional cardiology which is one of the main clinical specialty and pillar of cardiology. He believes in building strong team environment and fostering open communications. He wishes to follow a career in teaching & research in cardiology and work in an Institute to help in developing essential clinical skills required for future under graduate & post graduate cardiology students. He is capable in his critical appraisal skills when evaluating information in the cardiology literature.

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