Nutrition for optimal sports performance

Journal of Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

ISSN: 2573-0312

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Nutrition for optimal sports performance

World Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference

November 12-13, 2018 Istanbul, Turkey

Sherif Azmy Rizkalla

Nasser Institute for Research and Treatment, Egypt

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Abstract :

Choosing the right foods, fluids and supplements can help athletes perform at their best. To help an athlete reach peak performance, dietitians work with athletes to plan for: 1. Adequate energy from food 2. Enough fluids to keep the body hydrated 3.The right balance of nutrients. Meeting energy needs during activity will help athletes: 1. Replenish glycogen stores 2. Provide protein to build and repair tissue 3. Provide essential fatty acids. Registered dietitians, particularly those with an expertise in sports nutrition, are uniquely equipped to provide nutrition advice to athletes. Dietitians are the only regulated health care professionals in Canada in the field of nutrition. They can work with athletes to help them achieve peak performance by learning: 1.What to eat and drink before, during, and after exercise 2.How to use nutrition to help with performance and improve recovery time 3. When to use sports drinks instead of water 4.How to prevent dehydration 5.If certain vitamin or mineral supplements are needed 6. That ergogenic [performance enhancing] aids should be used with caution only after careful screening for safety 7. How to reduce their risk of contracting illnesses such as gastroenteritis or upper respiratory tract infections from the foods they eat (and the utensils used to cook them).

Biography :

Sherif Azmy Rizkalla had the honor to start Nutrition & Pain Management Clinics in more than 5 hospitals – of which NASSER HEALTH INSTITUTE was the greatest. He used to be the Sports Nutrition Consultant of the Egyptian Modern Pentathlon Team (from 2004 -2012 and made New Swimming Olympic records in Bejing 2008 & UK 2012 with C.Amr Elgezairy ). He used to be the Sports Nutrition Consultant of All Egyptian Olympic Teams Qualified for UK 2012 (from 2010 – 2012 Olympic Silver Medal in Fencing with C.Alaa A.Kassem). Now he is a Board member in UAMS ( Union Affricane de Medicine du Sport ), also World Society of Sports, Exercise Medicine (WSSEM) Board Member, UKAD – Accredited Advisor, USADA- HealthPro Certified, WADA- Sport Physician’s tool kit Certified and FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine which gives me a great opportunity to serve my country & many other countries giving awareness educational lectures about the importance of healthy nutrition & the hazards of doping for athletes.



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